Treating Bleeding Gum

Treating Bleeding GumIf you have bleeding gum, then that is a sure sign of an upcoming mouth disease. If you do not treat those gum then and there, then it is imminent that you will suffer from some oral infection that will get caused due to the manifestation of bacteria in the wounded gum and from there, they can also pass on to the other parts of the body in the blood stream. Bleeding gum is also a sign of heart diseases.

One of the first ways of treating bleeding gum is by brushing your teeth after every meal. Ensure that you use a soft bristled brush so that there is no harm to the gum. Brush thoroughly and regularly to avoid any morsel being left behind that might support the development of the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria not only cause gum to be infected but also firmly establish themselves in the body from the blood.

Brushing your teeth after every mealIn case the gum is sensitive and are already bleeding then brush your teeth thoroughly and then gently massage the gum if possible. Do not use hard bristles to clean your teeth. It only serves to erode the enamel and causes the teeth to become more susceptible to heat, cold and diseases.

Gently massage the gumFloss regularly and if possible, use any oral irrigation device so that you are able to reach out to the farthest corners of the mouth and the teeth are cleaned properly. This also prevents the gum from getting infected.

To help the gum heal quickly, put one tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth thrice every day. This will have the gum treated in warm water, which when mixed with salt, enables in cleaning the wound and reducing the bacteria from the mouth as well. Avoid any mouthwash that contains alcohol. It will be an irritant to the gum and will serve no purpose in healing.

Warm water and rinse your mouthThere is also an alternative. Use hydrogen peroxide solution instead of any popular mouthwash. Use half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in half a cup of water. Swish it around the mouth once a day. It will kill bacteria and give you cleaner teeth too.

Use hydrogen peroxide solution for mouthwash