Treatment for Dark Spots

Brown spots on the hands or face is a symbol of aging. This is despite the fact that we consider wrinkles as the symptom of aging. When your age crosses 50, you are prone to have discoloring of skin in some part of the body or the other, but usually it occurs on your face or hands.  

Dark spots or liver spots or freckles, whatever the name you attribute to them, they are there to mar your good looks, though in fact they bring no harm to you. If you want to get rid of them, consult a skin specialist. These spots occur due to exposure to sun and increased melanin presence on the skin.

These spots are often caused by the pigment called melanin. Melanin is not a bad thing for the body because it is the factor behind your hair color and the color of iris in the eyes.

These brown spots can be easily cured. Some important methods include:-

1. Remove dead cells of the skin by exfoliating regularly, which also removes these spots. Do not use harsh creams which can harm your skin texture. You can prepare your own applications by mixing sugar and olive oil and rub them on the affected parts to boost the growth of new cells. You will notice the difference in your skin color within a few months.

2. Use lemon juice as a bleaching agent. Cut the lemon in the form of wedges and put it on the spots for about ten minutes, as often as possible in a day.  You will notice these spots vanishing away.

3. Scars can be removed through natural oil of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant.

4. Skin sores can be healed by the medicinal values of Aloe Vera. Gel made out of this plant should be applied on the spots as many times as possible during a day, which will fade away the spots.

5. You can bring down the Melanin content by inhibiting the production of melanin in facial skin by using a whitener application, which reduces the melanin content. Exttrapone Nutgrass, a natural product is effective in reducing melanin content on the skin.