Treatment for Female baldness


Treatment for Female baldnessAs females age, their hair becomes thinner and they lose hair at the hairline as well as over the crown, which is the symptom of female type of hair loss. It is very rare for women to go bald completely, but if you are on some drugs or suffering from serious diseases, you may become bald. Sometimes hair is damaged by artificial means, like pulling the hair due to stress, bleaches or straightening of hair, which can also result in loss of hair.

To prevent loss of hair, first of all, you should not stretch hair for braiding tightly. Proper diet also can prevent loss of hair. While washing hair, quality shampoo and conditioners should be used. Try not to use hairdryers and don’t wear headgear for long hours, as it can also lead to loss of hair. However, if the loss is because of Androgenic-Alopecia, you can’t prevent it.

One of the products that can help is Minoxidil, which is the lone medicine available for this kind of hair loss. However, if you stop using this supplement, the problem will recur.

The other methods include usage of laser to treat how the hair looks, or you can opt for hair transplantation, which is a good option. Hair can also be grated using single strands of hair and is found to be very successful in some women.

Replacement therapies for hair in women have proven successful, even as women get back their natural appearance with this treatment. It should be understood that it is not possible to restore lost hair if the women is suffering from female-pattern baldness, which usually affects the crown and side hairlines of women. When you are suffering from this kind of hair loss, it is better to get hair transplantation done since these replacement methods make your appear natural.

Remember, sometimes when women are stressed, they may pull their hair to the extent that the hair may be uprooted.  Such hair may not be replaced by natural hair growth. Also when you use some hair cosmetics which have harsh chemicals, you will notice falling of hair. Avoid such cosmetics.