Treatment for Scabies

Scabies is a skin ailment. It results in severe rashes.  These rashes tend to get inflamed and can be very sensitive inasmuch as they cause a burning sensation, and you will feel severe itching. Sometimes the lesion can become infected with other parasites as well, resulting in sores, from which pus and other fluids can ooze.

When you have such severe rashes that itch and you are diagnosed with the skin condition Scabies, please understand that this condition is a result of the reactions of parasites in the body. What are these parasites and how come we human beings host them?  However unpleasant it may sound, every person hosts a lot of parasites in his body. Some are those which live within the human being and result in allergy to mites, and their fecal matters and eggs. Beware Scabies can be very contagious and the moment you are diagnosed with this condition, you should seek medical help to get rid of it. While many medicines do kill the mites, they also bring some unpleasant effects. It is therefore advised to use cost-effective treatment options for Scabies. We have given below some natural remedies, which can be found in your kitchen, or can be picked up from natural cure stores.

Apricot Leaves can be applied to the affected skin, which can reduce the Scabies. Similarly make a paste of neem leaves and mix the paste with Turmeric. To this, add a small quantity of Mustard Oil and apply on the affected portion, which can relieve the itching and burning feelings.

Similarly, the leaves of the peepul trees are effective when dried and made into a paste, for topical application on the Scabies’ lesions. You can also get good relief if you have Epsom Salt baths, when you are suffering from Scabies. These can prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Similarly, the antibacterial and antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree Oil can be of great help during Scabies. When this oil is topically applied on the Scabies affected portions of the skin, it would sooth the lesion, reduce rashes and the burning or itching sensations.