3 Treatment Methods To Remove Ingrown Hair

Remove Ingrown Hair

Those pesky ingrown hairs on public areas are an unpleasant sight, but you have to deal with it if they appear. Mostly caused by incorrect hair grooming habits and improper shaving methods, ingrown hairs or razor bumps are really annoying.

They stand in the way of your dream to accomplish a flawless skin. These bumps will disappear after some days and will get healed on their own. But if they causes infection to hair follicles, proper treatments have to be adopted to get rid of them.

Ingrown hair or folliculitis is nothing but the growth of sharp hair tips into the skin. It happens mostly after a closed shaving. The tip of the hair will curl back sideways into the skin without penetrating above the surface of the skin.

Treatment Methods To Remove Ingrown Hair

The best way to remove razor bumps is to force those curled back hair tips to appear on top of the skin.

Hot Compression Method

First, take a hot shower bath or soak yourself in a hot tub. This will help in softening the skin and in opening the pores. Press a hot cloth or hot compress on the affected area. You can even use salt water solution for this purpose. Keep the hot wash cloth firmly pressed on the razor bumps for about 20 minutes.

This hot compression will help in lessening swelling and will pull the hair tip above the skin surface. If the hair does not come above the surface of your skin, repeat the process for a couple of times more. If the embedded hair is long enough to come out easily, you may have to repeat the procedure for two-three days.

When the small tip of the ingrown hair comes on the skin surface, briskly pull it out with a sanitized pair of tweezers. Repeat the same process if there are more ingrown hairs to be removed. After removing the hair, rub some antibacterial cream (such as a hydrocortisone cream) to avoid infectivity. Never try to squeeze the hair off the skin as it will cause inflammation and infection.

Hot Compression Method

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Apply Hair Removal Lotion

If you don’t want to do the above procedures, you can consult a dermatologist and buy a good quality hair removal lotion. Apply this lotion on the affected part. The cream will liquefy the hair follicles and it will be easy to remove.

Apply Hair Removal Lotion

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Opting for permanent hair removal methods such as laser technique or electrolysis will help you in getting rid of ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal treatment will permanently reduce the amount of hairs in the treated area.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Electrolysis is another method to permanently remove unwanted public hair. Each individual hair follicle is targeted and will be burned using electricity. Even though this method requires multiple treatments, it is very effective in removing hair permanently and hence the problem of ingrown hair also.


If permanent hair removal methods are not your cup of tea, stick to proper hair grooming habits to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs in future. Follow the correct shaving techniques such as: always shave in the direction of hair growth, stick to fresh single-bladed razor to avoid close shaving, and make it a habit to exfoliate your skin before shaving.

Avoid close shaving