Treatments For Overactive Bladder Naturally

Overactive BladderAn overactive bladder creates a serious condition where the muscles around the bladder create spasms and unexpected and unwanted flexes. The pressure around the bladder is very prolonged in nature and loses the ability to take a command of the muscle.

It creates an inconvenient position and sometimes frustrates an individual. An overactive bladder can be a result of a nervous disorder, muscles disorder etc. and is mainly common in women. The main signs of an overactive bladder are more urination, frequent getting up at nights, etc.

An overactive bladder may place a woman in shame, generate isolation and make her feel embarrassed. There are various treatments through which an individual can do away with but natural cures are the best and they provide better relief without much time, effort and expense. They are:

Natural Treatments For Overactive Bladder

The Benefits Of Cranberries

The juicy of cranberries do its magic and the extracts are very helpful of the health an especially benefitting the urinal tract. Each day either cranberries can be eaten raw or one to two glasses of the residue of the cranberries can be sipped after diluting it with some water since it might be a little sour.


Excessive drinking of cranberry juice can be harmful as it may upset an individual’s stomach or cause stones or may make the blood finer.


Exercises are helpful for every individual and since we work out for the entire body then why the pelvic area should be left out. The exercises of the pelvic floor are called kegel exercises and an individual has to stiffen it, crunch it upwards and again relax it for a proper flow of urine.

Kegel Exercises

A proper training might be required and the count of the exercises should be increased when an individual gets adapted to it. Strengthening the pelvic area is very helpful and caffeine and fluids should be abstained from during the exercises and a lot of liquids should not be taken in during nights before sleep.

The Effect Of The Pumpkin Seeds

The urinary defecation gets in a bad position after the periods stop and the issues with the menopause are mainly based on deficiency of estrogen, minimal levels of testosterone or progesterone can be the culprits behind it.

pumpkin seeds

The seeds which are diluted with water create an anabolic pressure towards the floor of the pelvic area. The aromatase enzymes help in extra secretion of testosterone which leads to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area. The seeds bind the muscles and it plays a big role in a woman’s integrity and urinary disorder.

Choice Of The Food

The food is an underlying cause of many benefits and problems so a proper intake of food is extremely necessary for the problem.

Dairy products

The foods which are sensitive to the humans may cause a swelling in an individual’s bladder and the inflammation causes an increased give out of urine and defecation issues. The dairy products and foods made out of flour should be abstained from a proper care need to be taken during a food intake.

The Adoption Of Bladder Training

Bladder training doesn’t require any medication and the method of using bathroom changes and a record of usage should be kept. At proper intervals an individual should urinate and not when the person feels the urge of it. A proper routine should be adopted for urination and this helps in curing the overactive bladder.