Trendy Designer Jeans For Women

Trendy Designer Jeans For Women

Jeans is an indispensable part of every woman’s Wardrobe. It has crossed all the barriers of class and has appealed to women world over. This wonder cloth holds a special place in every woman’s heart. Along with offering comfort it also offers versatility and comes in different designs and styles.

Jeans has gone through many transitions and has been altered by fashion designers all over the world to adapt to the fickle fashion trends. There are designs like slim boot cut, dark wash, indigo wash, straight leg, curvy fit, embroidered jeans, etc.

Types of Designer Jeans for Women

Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered jeans came in to being in 1960’s and became popular among hippies who wore their rebellious and iconoclastic attitude on their jeans!

Trendy Designer Jeans For Women

Embroidery on jeans offers variety and along with drama can also add a touch of femininity to it. The embroidery can be on the back pockets or on the legs of your jeans. Embroidery looks stunning on denim and a few sequence added to it adds to its charm. Flowers and butterflies around the waist and legs are the safest and look good but if you are the adventurous kinds you can go for more psychedelic patterns.

If you do not want to struggle with that mini skirt for an evening out and comfort with style is what you are looking for, embroidered jeans is the answer to your prayers. It gives you unmatched freedom and is also a fashion statement.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cuts have stood the test of time and are still keeping pace with the times with minor variations to bolster its place in the dynamic world of fashion. Loyal users of boot cuts swear by its comfort and durability. A variation of boot cut is the slim boot cut which is less wide at the bottom without compromising on the shape, this helps in flaunting high heels which remains otherwise hidden with the wider ones.

Ultra Low Waist Jeans

Trendy Designer Jeans For Women

Another style of jeans which is worth a mention is the sensational ultra low rise jeans which sits on the hips and accentuates the contours. It is notoriously low and excessively glamorous and when It comes to hotness quotient it can give stiff competition to even the tiniest of micro minis!

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Torn Jeans

Torn Jeans have acquired a status of its own; its rugged appeal has attracted women who dare to be different. This unconventional torn look of the jeans was popularized mainly in 1990’s by the Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Winona Ryder.

Faded Jeans

Trendy Designer Jeans For Women

Faded Jeans are the result of treating the jeans to bleaches or stone washing them to get that old look. This became quite a rage with women as its worn out look is unprecedented. This when teamed with white shirt or top becomes a timeless look.

Neon Jeans

The latest style on the bandwagon is the colour jeans. They come in different hues of reds, yellows, greens, purples and pinks. They certainly manage to break the monotony of blue jeans and succeed in giving you a striking fresh change. If colour jeans are not something you dig, printed jeans can catch your fancy. Tribal and animal prints are in vogue.

Contrary to these colour jeans, white jeans also makes a fashion statement. White teamed with brown boots is the look which you can try this season. With all these designer jeans in the market wearing jeans could be a lot of fun!