2 Trendy Haircuts This Season

Trendy Haircuts

Summers can play havoc to the hair texture and you may end up looking like a shabby girl this summer season unless you try out the latest haircuts which have been introduced taking care of the texture of hair and the season.

So Let’s See This Summer, Which Cool Haircuts You Can Sport.

Short hair of even bob haircuts are in this season so let’s check out various options available in them. Medium crops can help you gain confidence and you would find women making a chic statement with their short haircut.

bob haircuts

Short hair can look extremely classy if one has a good texture.Sp try out bob cut with uniform and sleek strands. You can blow dry then in different fashion and change your look with the same haircut only. That is the whole beauty of bob cut.Another thing that could be tried out is layering in short hair. Ask your stylist to give an asymmetrical haircut with loads of layering. You are free to choose the haircut according to the texture but in case you have curly hair, asymmetric cut must be avoided unless you have an extremely good texture otherwise it can give you a withered look. If you have straight hair, then razor cut with short hair could look very trendy. They give you a corporate look as well as a casual one.

asymmetrical haircut

For quick hairstyle, try out quick layering with bangs. Also remember the most popular ‘rihanna cut’? If you cannot think of anything else then ask your stylist to get you that cut. It is trendy, chic and ultra sexy. It can enhance your personality and give you a totally different look.Make sure that you have straight hair for it or at least blow dry hairevery time you go out to show this haircut properly. The latest invention is inverted bob cut. This ultra hot cut can was popular in 1920s but has now become even more popular. The best thing about this cut is that it goes with every face cut type. So everyone can sport it with an ease.