Trendy Jewelry Accessories For Your Vanity Mirror

Trendy Jewelry Accessories For Your Vanity Mirror

We have often heard of a popular saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Well, you might have laughed about it, but this statement has proven its meaning from time to time. Women love and adore jewelry, be it diamonds or pearls or plain simple gold. The popularity of jewelry accessories has reached a remarkable height nowadays.

Women of all ages want to own the best fashion jewelry. They have become a part of their daily life. They simply cannot exist without these. To pick the best of jewelry, one must know the latest trends in the market. As the trends in fashion are ever-changing, one can always take help through fashion or jewelry magazines. In this way, you will be more satisfied from your jewelry shopping. Following are some of the “must have” jewelry pieces in your vanity wardrobe.

List of Must Have Jewelry Accessories

Neck Jewelry

Out of this segment, necklaces have always been on a dominant position as they are being worn from the old civilization time. Ancient women decorated their necks with crude pieces and chunk jewelry. Since then necklaces have been drastically changed and now the present time offers a huge range to choose from.

Trendy Jewelry Accessories For Your Vanity Mirror

A necklace can be worn casually, formally or for a special occasion. Depending on the occasion, one can always pick a beautiful necklace. These are made from a variety of metals and stones like pearls, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, platinum and a lot of other materials.

Earrings & Danglers

Earrings hold a significant place in the field of jewelry as they add an instant beauty and glamor to your face. Women love to own many pairs of matching earrings and danglers with their matching dresses. Just with a good pair of earrings, a woman can really highlight her beauty and persona.

Earrings range from lovely loops, stone earrings, beaded ones or plain simple studs. Stone earrings are getting rapidly popular these days and they are built from several metals like gold, silver, platinum or brass. Even pearls and a variety of expensive stones are used to create these marvelous fine pieces.

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Nose Rings & Pins

The traditional ritual of wearing a nose pin or a ring has come back into fashion and that too with a loud bang. A cute and colorful nose pin in the nose can capture all the attention.

Trendy Jewelry Accessories For Your Vanity Mirror

Even a studded nose ring gives you that ethnic and stylish look. These nose ornaments are usually made from many metals or gem studs.

Bracelets & Armlets

Women never forget to enhance their beautiful hands when it comes to decorating themselves with designer jewelry. A bracelet which is worn on the hand looks extremely versatile and can be carried with any attire. Some people wear a single bracelet while others garnish their hands with a group of bracelets.

They actually complete your outfit. Likewise, an armlet too enhances the beauty of your arms. These have emerged from the ancient times and now they are worn in many cultures. They were a significant part of jewelry during ceremonies and rituals.