Trendy Up Do Hair Styles

Trendy Up Do Hair StylesAmong various kinds of hairdos, up do hair styles are best when it comes to getting ready for a special occasion, without taking the trouble of styling up loose hair. When you decide to pull all your hair up, it’s pretty simple if you know just the right tricks.

You can create cute ringlets, a classy and elegant bun or tie all your hair up in a stylish French braid. Below is a list of different types of up do hairstyles. Besides, you can always add your own unique touch to it with a pretty hair accessory like a hairband or a rhinestone clip.

Kinds Of Up Do Hairstyles

French Twist

A French twist looks extremely pretty and the best thing about it that it’s so easy to create. All you have to do is to take all your hair backwards and hold it into a loose ponytail. Now, slightly twist all your locks on either side of the head and gently fold it with the help of bobby pins. You can complete the look with a pretty flower shape clip on the twisted side of the hair.


A bun looks good on almost any type of occasion and allow you to enjoy your day without having the need to brush your hair every once in a while. To make a neat bun, pull all your hair backwards into a pony and start wrapping the hair around it with the help of bobby pins or simple hair clips.

Bun Hair Styles

You have the choice of making a high bun which will come at the top of your head or a simple low bun at the nape of your neck. Either way, you will look smashing.

Curled Updo

Curled Up do will take a bit of time, but in the end it will be worth all the time. Start with combing hair so that it should be free of any tangles. With the help of a curling iron, start creating beautiful ringlets. You can create various types of ringlets by grabbing thin or thick sections of hair. You could also choose to curl just the end of our hairs. After you have done with the curling part, star piling them on the top of your head with pins.

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Braids are a fun way to use in an up do hairstyle and it looks best on college going girls. An interesting way to do this is to create a ponytail and then start making various braids out of it.

braids hairstyles

Another way is to make a French braid and tie it up on your head.

Half Up

Half up dos are one of the most popular hairstyles these days. These work best on layered hairstyles which have a lot of volume.To make a half do hairstyle, start rolling rollers on your dry hair and keep them on your head for atleast 30 minutes. If you can give it some more time, do that.

After that, remove the rollers and grab the top section of your head and secure them in a bun or half pony and let the rest of the hair loose. You can make the look even more interesting by adding a pair of pretty hair clips on the side of your head.