Truth About Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

anti-wrinkle-eye-creamLooking for a good anti wrinkle cream? There are thousands of products and they will all promise you a miracle. Most of the time, the consumers fall for these false promises. I am not being skeptical some of them really work. But there have also been reports of adverse reactions.

Why do creams and lotions have adverse reactions on the skin? Is it right to blame the cream solely? What is the role of the customer here? When we buy a product, we do not ask ourselves these questions.

Not all products are suitable for every skin type. You need to know what suits your skin and then buy the product accordingly. But even after being careful, we often miss something vital, and that is the ingredients that have been used in the cream.

When it comes to anti wrinkle eye creams, there is no need to see if that is made for any particular skin type. They are suitable for any kind of skin. But it is important that you check what the cream is made of. Some of the ingredients can cause some skin problems.

Those anti wrinkle eye creams that claim they are made especially for oily skin contain two things — petrolatum and alcohol. The whole idea is to make the skin less oily.

Unfortunately, since the combinations of these two are not similar to the sebum, the natural oil that is produces by the skin, thus the skin cannot absorb the cream. This only blocks the pores and the end result — more oiliness. To get the best results, use the ones that have zero petrolatums, zero alcohol and compounds that are petrolatum based.

Again, the ones that claim they are specially made for dry skin contain paraffin wax along with petrolatum. The whole idea is that the petrolatum will work as a moisturizer and keep the skin hydrated and the paraffin wax will lock the moisture within the skin. But the result is quite the contrary. These components make the skin even drier.

So what do you need in a good anti wrinkle eye cream? Any anti wrinkle eye cream that uses all natural organic ingredients will give you good results. All these ingredients include some of the essential oils and the extracts of Vitamin A and E. So next time when you are buying an anti wrinkle eye cream, make sure you read the label. Better to be safe than sorry.