Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair

Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair

Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair If you have long hair you can always experiment with it and try new hairstyles. With long hair a girl can always try new ideas on how to do her hair and experiment with her look. A different hairstyle can totally change your look and make you look completely different from your daily look.

Best Hair Ideas for Long Hair

Puff Up your From the Front

One can always puff up her hair from the front and clip it up properly. This hairstyle not only gives a retro look but also makes you look neat as it holds up your hair and prevents it from falling over your face. This hairstyle can be done for parties irrespective of the clothes one chooses to wear. This hairstyle can be done by girls who have straight or curly hair. In order to let your puff stay you should do a little back combing.

Add Hair Extensions

One can always add different color hair extensions to their long hair. These hair extensions give a very different look and make you stand out from the rest of the people present in the party. Make sure you use the correct color for your extensions. One can use these extensions later on also.

Sweeping of Hair to Left or Right Side

Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair

If you have long hair you can just sweep your hair to the either side i.e. left or right side whichever suits you the best. This gives the most casual and natural look to you. One can do this hairstyle without taking much trouble as it takes just the amount of time one needs to comb her hair. This is the simplest and the easiest hair do a girl with long hair can do.

High Pony Tail

A high pony tail gives a very different look and can be done in two ways. Either a girl can either part her hair then pull it back to make a pony tail or a girl can pull back her hair and simply make a pony tail without bothering about the partition of hair. However whatever the case is one must use a hairspray so that the hair does not come out after a while.


With long hair one can either do a simple plait or French plait. French plait can take you a little longer than plaits. Both give a very feminine look and a very neat appearance as not a single strand of hair is untied. Plaits keep your hair together and once a plait is made and tied a girl does not need to worry about her hair for the rest of the time.

Curl Your Hair from the Bottom

Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair

If you curl your hair from the bottom it adds extra weight to your hair and gives a bouncy effect to it. If order to make it more glamorous a girl can always highlight her curls using colors. This look looks great on the girls who can carry it off with confidence.

Make a Bun

This is a look which can be done for any occasion. In order to make a bun, first you need to pull back all your hair and make a mid- level pony. Then you need to wrap up the pony in such a way that a bun is formed out of it. It is a very easy to make and simple hair do.

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Put or Bun or Pony to One Side

You can always put up your bun or pony to a specific side. Make sure which side suits you the best and pull up your hair do to that side. If you are making a bun make sure it is a little above you neck. Sport your hair style with confidence.

Braid your Front Hair

Twelve Hair Ideas For Long Hair

Just braid the front layers f your hair and let the rest of your hair remain the natural way you keep your hair.

Sport Curls

You can always curl you entire hair length. It will make you feel different and nice. If you have straight hair you will definitely feel that you are looking different.

Use Nice Accessories for your Hair

A lot of nice and new accessories are available in the market for your hair these days. You can get various kinds of clips, hair bands, rubber bands etc. To look a little bolder one can try the bolder available accessories.

Let your Hair Loose

This is by far the best, simplest and the most natural hairstyle that can be done. It also looks the best and shows the natural texture of our hair.

All the above mentioned hairstyles can be done for any kind of party or look and are simple. Make sure that whichever hairstyle you do suits you the best. Always try new look and utilize the benefits of having long hair. Always be innovative and make yourself look different with your hairstyle.