Two Wax For Hair Removal

Wax For Hair RemovalWaxing is a method for hair removal. It is a type of hair removal which removes hair from its root semi permanently. After waxing hair growth differs from person to person.

Some people might notice hair growth in just a week while some see hair growth after two to three weeks. Practically most of our body parts containing hair can be waxed. Arms, legs, eyebrows, face, back etc. are all the areas for which waxing can be used to remove hair. Waxing is also one of the most common ways for hair removal. Waxing has many advantages as it removes a large amount of hair in no time. Waxing also helps in keeping the area softer and prevents the growth of hair for a long time as the hair is removed from the roots. Mainly two types of waxes are used. They are hard wax and soft wax.

Two Types Of Wax For Hair Removal

Hard Wax

Hard wax is often referred to as hot wax or non strip wax. It is usually applied in a thick layer. Usually the thick layers are made up by the application of many layers below it. It ensures that all the hair present in that area where the wax has been applied has been covered properly and has not been missed out on.

Hard Wax

The hot wax is then left on the person’s skin to cool down. This ensures that the hair on which the wax is applied is also caught and encapsulated by the wax. Once the wax has dried properly, it is removed with hands. This process ensures that the hair also comes out. This method is usually used for the removal of short hair, coarse hair or hair which does not come off easily.

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Soft Wax

Soft wax is commonly known as strip wax. First, a little powder will be applied on your skin to prevent it from getting hooked to the wax when it is applied on your body. Then a thin layer of soft wax is applied on the area where hair removal is required. It is then covered with a muslin strip or a non woven strip. The strip is kept properly for a few seconds and then removed from the area.

Soft Wax

This brings out the hair on which the wax was applied. Soft wax is best for areas which have large amount of hair growths. Soft wax is commonly used for legs, arms, backs etc. The problem in soft wax is that it cannot help the areas which have hair ingrowths.

Waxing is one of the most practical, common and easiest methods of hair removal. It removes hair from large areas of your body in no time. It is also good for your skin as it keeps in softer. Always remember to use an antiseptic after your waxing is done. This prevents inner growth of hair. After waxing if you skin becomes red, has rashes or causes irritation apply a cold cream which soothes your skin and decreases the redness or the irritation on your skin.

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