Types And Benefits Of Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax

Also called Parisian waxing, sugaring is essentially a combination of natural and inexpensive ingredients that are combined together to form a safe and sound hair removal recipe.

Sugaring is considered to be cheaper and much better alternative to shaving and waxing. Sugaring is a method in which the hair is removed from the roots so that when the hair grows back, it is softer and less dense. The new hair comes only days after sugaring has been performed on skin.

What Exactly Sugaring Is?

Often, waxing and sugaring are confused with each other; but in reality, both of these are two different methods of hair removal. Although the way in which hair is removed from the skin is quite similar, but both these preparations offer different benefits and contain different ingredients.

Waxes are generally made from resins and they also contain a number of ingredients that are quite harmful for the skin. Some of these ingredients include dyes, chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances. When you wax for removing hair from your body, chances of some or the other kind of allergy getting induced are quite high.

A simple reason why many people prefer sugaring as a method of hair removal from our body is the dangerous aftereffects of using chemical wax on their skin. Many people have reported that after waxing their skin, they developed skin rashes and infections.

Removing hair from your body

History Of Sugar Wax

People around the world are not very much familiar with sugaring as a method of hair removal. However, this hair removal technique has been around for centuries and is used by people of Arabic and African nations for removing hair from their body. In fact, the Cleopatra, known for her beauty used the same method of hair removal.

In modern times, sugaring service was first given in Great Britain by a Tunisian woman. It was somewhere around 1980s when the technique was introduced in the United States.

Sugaring as a method of hair removal

Features Of Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax” is essentially a preparation that is used for sugaring. Although this material does not contain any wax but its thickness and sticky nature is quite similar to that of wax. Visually, sugar wax is similar to softened caramel or honey. However in comparison to synthetic wax, sugar wax is easy to apply and is good for skin also.

Moreover, sugar wax allows better and easy removal of body hair and the re-growth is silky and smooth. One more difference between sugar wax and ordinary synthetic wax is that after the method of sugaring has been performed, the body can be washed with plain water but when you get your skin waxed, the residues needs to be cleaned with help of chemical. This may further affect the pH balance of the skin, making it dull, dry and toad.

Features Of Sugar Wax

Function Of Sugar Wax

Application of sugar wax and removing body hair with help of it is also quite easy. First of all, what you need to do is determine the area from where the hair has to be removed.

Now simply spread sugar wax on the area with help of a spatula or knife. Make sure the direction in which you spread the wax is same as that of the hair growth. Now place is a muslin strip over the spread sugar wax and pull the cloth in direction that is opposite to the application of sugar wax.

Application of sugar wax

Benefits Of Sugar Wax

Because sugar wax does not contain any artificial product or chemicals, it is absolutely safe to use and will not induce any allergy or symptoms. Moreover, you can prepare sugar wax at home with granulated sugar, lemon and water. To prepare sugar wax at home, just take around a liter of water and mix sugar and juice of lemon in it and boil the mixture till thick sugar wax is formed.

Another benefit of using sugar wax to remove hair is that the hair re-growth takes a long time and hair that grows is lighter, finer and in some cases they even cease to grow back. In case you have sensitive skin, make sure you are rub your skin with ice after you have removed the hair completely.

Benefits Of Sugar Wax

Areas That Can Be Targeted

Sugar wax can be used on nearly every area of body including eyebrows, upper lip, legs, hips, tummy, arms and bikini line.

Egyptian Recipe

The Egyptian sugar-wax recipe is made by combining 3 cups of honey to 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a saucepan and then bringing this mixture to boil.

Remember that while the mixture is boiled, it should not be stirred. Once the mixture has completely boiled, turn the heat to simmer flame and allow the mixture to cook for 30 more minutes. While the preparation is on low flame, you can stir occasionally. The preparation should be removed from heat after it turns golden brown. Your Egyptian sugar-wax is ready.

Egyptian sugar-wax

Indian Recipe

The Indian way of making sugar-wax recipe is quite preferred. For making sugar-wax the Indian way, combine 2 cups of sugar with 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Bring this mixture to boil but make sure that it is boiled only at medium or low flame.

After the mixture has boiled, allow it to cook for 25 more minutes at simmer flame. You must cook it till the time the color of the mixture turns to dark amber. Allow this preparation to cool for 15 minutes. During this time, the wax will thicken. By the time Indian sugar-wax gets ready, your whole room will start smelling lemony. You can store this wax in an airtight plastic container.

Indian sugar-wax recipe

Mixing the Recipes

The combination of Egyptian and Indian sugar-wax recipe can also be prepared by mixing 1/4 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of lemon juice and a cup of sugar and cooking it in microwave. You must keep stirring this preparation after every 30 seconds. When the mixture turns golden brown, your sugar-wax is prepared. This mixture does not make use of any water and honey automatically melts the sugar.

All the above mentioned sugar-wax recipes can be easily and frequently used for removing hair from body as they do not have any side effects.

Mixing sugar-wax recipe