Types And Side-Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive

emergency contraceptive types

emergency contraceptive typesThe emergency contraceptive is the best method for birth control and this is used by many women in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The emergency contraceptive is helpful for those people who have sex without any protection for birth control.

Make sure you use this after you have sex and before you get pregnant because once you are pregnant this method will not work. You get a chance to prevent the unwanted pregnancy with the help of the emergency contraceptive. There are different types of methods available that claim to be the best to prevent pregnancy but they fail on their commitment but emergency contraceptive works effectively.

Things To Remember

The emergency contraceptive is known to be one of the safest ways that reduce the chances of pregnancy from seventy to ninety nine percent and this has been proved medically. There are certain things that a woman should know after having unprotected sex that will help her to know when to take these emergency contraceptive.

You need to take the emergency contraception if you are getting your shots late, if your partner was not careful enough and he did not pull out on time. This contraception will work if you had sex forcefully. If he has used protection like condom while having sex but it came out or broke then you can use emergency contraception after the intercourse.

Remember you can not use this contraception like regular birth control pills. It is always better to visit the doctor to find out which method is best for you to prevent pregnancy as there are many. The emergency contraception must be taken as prescribed by your doctor.

Types of Emergency Contraception Available

The emergency contraceptive is available in two different types namely: intrauterine device and emergency contraception pills.

You will get the intrauterine device which is a small device available in T-shape. After the fifth day of unprotected sex the doctors place the intrauterine device into the uterus. With the help of the intrauterine device the fertilized egg is prevented from getting attached to the uterus or helps in keeping away the sperm from joining the egg.

When you get your next period after the unprotected sex the doctors can remove the intrauterine device from your uterus. You can even keep this emergency contraceptive intrauterine device for ten years as a birth control. This is quite effective and today most of the people use this method to prevent pregnancy.

The emergency contraceptive pills also work effectively to prevent pregnancy. These pills keep the sperm from joining the fertilized egg or the egg from leaving the ovary. The fertilized egg can be prevented from getting attached to the uterus. The plan B is made in order to use as emergency contraception pills.

Plan B is one of the best emergency contraceptive pills and these pills contain higher level of hormones and this is the reason it is best for birth control. With twelve hours gap one should take two pills of Plan B. If you take both the pills at the same time this will not create any side effects and work well to prevent the unwanted pregnancy.

The doses for different emergency contraceptive pills are different depending on the brands. You can take the help of your doctor to know more about the birth control pills. Generally the recommended doses for emergency contraception are two pills, one you can take right away after having unprotected sex and the other after twelve hours. When you are using the emergency contraceptive pills make sure you have the same brand for both the doses.

The emergency contraceptive pills work up to five days later but it is always best to take the pills as soon as you have unprotected sex. Plan B is a progestin emergency contraception pill and best for those women who are breastfeeding. There are many women who feel throw up and sick once they have the emergency contraceptive pills. If you face the same problem then you must call your doctor immediately.

The Side Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive

emergency contraceptive side effects

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The common question asked by most women before using the emergency contraceptive is whether they have any side effects. The birth control pills that have estrogen cause more side effects than the pills containing progestin. Some of the side effects that occur are cramps, headache, fatigue and throw ups.

The drug Dramamine 2 can reduce the risk of throw ups and feeling sick. Before thirty minutes of taking the emergency contraceptive pills you can have two pills of Dramamine 2. You should consult the doctor if the throw ups do not stop after having these pills.

The uterus can get affected badly or there is a great chance of pelvic infection by the placement of the intrauterine device. These risks are found in some women not all. You can experience heavy bleeding during your periods and cramps if the intrauterine device is left to be used as the birth control.

Remember the emergency contraception will only help you in preventing the unwanted pregnancy but it can not protect you from any sexually transmitted disease or infection. Some people also have the question whether the emergency contraceptive pills are same as the morning after pills. So the answer is yes but it is not necessary that you can take in the morning. You can take these pills as soon as you have unprotected sex.

How and Where to Get the Emergency Contraceptive Pills

You can visit any of the nearest drug stores that have a licensed pharmacist and get the Plan B pills. Now a seventeen year old girl can also get the Plan B pills without any prescription as this has been approved by FDA. In order to buy the emergency contraceptive Plan B pills one have to show the age proof. The person needs to show a prescription to get the Plan B pills if the person is under the age of seventeen.

Now the unwanted pregnancy can be easily prevented in the safest way with the help of the emergency contraceptive methods. If you are planning to have an unprotected sex then you must take the help of the emergency contraception.