Top 3 Types Of Dinner Jacket Lapels

Dinner jackets are mainly worn in formal events, and also in semi-formal events. Dinner jackets have been used for centuries, and many types of experimentations are done with their style, and it’s still evolving.

Jacket Lapels

The notched lapelled jackets were the first to be used, and since then various types of dinner jackets evolved. Dinner jackets are primarily of two types: single breasted and double breasted dinner jackets. And these dinner jackets are featured with various types of lapels. Different people prefer different types of dinner jackets lapels, so here are the different types of dinner jacket lapel styles, from which you can choose the one best suited for you.

What Are Jacket Lapels

Jacket lapels are flaps or folds of fabrics, which rest on the front side, over the jacket. Lapels are mainly found on formal jackets or coats. They remain sewed with the jacket at the area of the collar. Just like a collar, lapels also surround the neck area and then come down towards the front of the jacket, but to attain this style, usually two pieces of fabrics are sewn together.

Usually lapels come down up to the chest region, and they have a variety of styles. Lapels are of three distinct styles. They are, shawl lapels, notched lapels and peaked lapels. Shawl lapels, were predominantly found in dinner jackets, but now-a-days, this style can also be found in normal jackets and coats.

What Are Jacket Lapels

Types Of Dinner Jacket Lapels

1. Notched Lapel

Notched lapel is also called step lapel, or step collars in British English. This lapel is characterised by a notch, at the collar bone region. The notch can be either big or small. A small notch is called “fish mouth”, and can be observed in most of the jackets now-a-days.

Notched lapels are mainly found in single breasted jackets; however this style can also be found in modern blazers, sports jackets and all suit jackets. This lapel style can be worn by everybody, regardless of their physical structure. And this is the reason, why this lapel style has become very popular. But, in spite of its immense popularity, notched lapel is not considered to be the ideal lapel for formal black tie event jackets; rather this style is more acceptable on official suits.

Notched Lapel

2. Shawl Lapel

Shawl lapel is also called shawl collar or roll collar. A shawl lapel is the ideal lapel for dinner jackets and tuxedos. This style was first adopted in the Victorian times, when shawl lapels were found on smoking jackets.

A shawl lapel is formed by extending the collar piece up to the abdominal region. Shawl lapel is the continuation of the collar, and both the collar and lapels are formed by a single piece of cloth only. Shawl collars were first used in informal dinner jackets, but later, it was accepted on formal dinner jackets and tuxedos.

Shawl Lapel

3. Peaked Lapel

The term peaked lapel is used in American English; however, it is also called pointed lapel or double-breasted style lapel in British English. Peaked lapels are considered to be the perfect lapel style for formal events.

These lapels are also called pointed lapels, because the lapels are pointed upwards, and the points are made very sharp, hence the name peaked lapels is also used. This style was very famous during the 1920s and 30s, and were used on all formal dinner jackets, tailcoats and morning coats. But they moved in and out of fashion, and in the 1970s were popularised once again by Armani.

Peaked Lapel