Types Of Foundation

foundationFoundation makeup is exactly what it sounds like. It is the makeup that woman apply first on the face. The purpose of foundation is that it allows the woman to blend her skin together, making her face look smoother and softer.

It doesn’t take very long for a woman to realize how important it is to select the prefect foundation, when the foundation makeup is the wrong texture or color, the woman’s entire face looks strange.

Buy Quality Foundation Makeup

When you are shopping for a foundation you don’t want to buy the cheapest brand you see. Cheap foundations usually crack or flake off during the course of day. The wiser choice is to spend a few extra dollars, and buy a foundation that is designed for long wear. This foundation won’t let you down in the middle of business meeting or when you are on a hot date.

The Three Types of Foundation Makeup

Once you have determined which brands of foundation are the best you have to decide what type you should use. Make up foundation come in three different types; Liquid Foundations, Cream Foundations, and Powder Foundations.

If you wear makeup every single day and would like to look natural you should consider getting a liquid foundation. Liquid foundations are usually very easy to apply and they blend so well that no one will know you are wearing a foundation. If you are someone who struggles with oily skin you can find a liquid foundation that is water based. If you are prone to dry skin you will want your foundation makeup to be oil based.

If you have had your make up put on by a professional, you must be aware that they used a cream foundation. Just like the liquid foundation, the cream foundation is very easy to apply and if it has been properly applied, the cream foundation is practically invisible.

Powder foundation make up isn’t quite as popular as the liquid and cream foundation makeup because it is a little more visible. On the other hand if you live in a humid climate or have really oily skin you will find that powder foundation makeup won’t clog your pores and should cause acne problems.