Types Of Hair

naturalhair1Hair has a life of its own. After a hair falls, a new hair comes up in its place. So it’s important to know how to maintain hair in a healthy shape. Also knowing what type of hair you have is essential.

As is the case, each person has different types of hair and needs to give different types of care. The hair texture is genetic so conditioning the hair as per texture and determining which style suits the hair best is essential.

Hair Types

Normal Hair Type

A hair is called normal hair type if it is shiny but not oily and easy to manage. A normal hair type has got natural gloss, shine, smoothness, and soft feeling to it. It’s advisable to use mild shampoo and hair conditioners for normal hair. Eating a balanced diet and taking proper care of the hair will definitely help in its maintenance.

Oily Hair Type

A hair is called oily hair if it attracts dust and requires constant washing. Also hair can become more oily due to illness and even stress. Oily hair, which is prone to dandruff; looks good for only 1 or 2 days after shampooing, and quickly becomes lifeless. Using a shampoo or hair conditioner meant exclusively for oily hair is ideally followed by hair conditioner only at the hair end.

Dry Hair Type

A hair can be called dry, if it looks dull and brittle. Dry hair is a result of inactive oil glands and feels rough when touched. Dry hair often splits and loses its elasticity, and as such is split very quickly. A person who has dry hair will also have a head scalp that feels too dry and sometimes itchy. As dry hair can break very easily, shampooing it on every other day is beneficial. Also dry hair sometimes results in skin flakes around the hair line.

Combination Hair Type

A hair can be called combination hair, if it is a combination of both dry and greasy hair types. In people with combination hair, they have an oily scalp, and dry hair. This type of hair is most of the times seen with people who have long hair that is damaged at the ends.

People who have combination hair should shampoo their hair regularly. This type of hair generally looks good barring the hair ends. Using a mild shampoo and hair conditioner only at the hair end is ideal.