Types of Laser Hair Removal On Face

laser hair removal on faceUnwanted facial hair can be annoying, especially in women. But there are also men who are looking to get rid of excessive facial hair nowadays. With laser technology you can easily and quickly remove undesirable hair and get exactly the look you want for yourself.

Hair removal using laser technology can remove hair perpetually and is practically painless. With laser technology you have the following five options for effective and safe facial hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal On Face

Ruby Laser Technology

Before you start your hair removal treatment you must assess the condition of your skin and hair in order to make the right choice. It is used only in fair skin types and always preferably on the face.

ruby laser treatment

This is because its radiation does not have much depth to reach the body hair follicles. Gels are used for cooling during the laser application and this procedure only works effectively on dark hair.

Alexandrite Laser Technology

It is used to remove dark hair on the entire body. This type of laser radiation is also used for fair skin types with great efficiency since it has good penetration to reach the hair follicles. Skin specialists and dermatologists do not recommend using this type of laser technology on dark skin as it can produce burns and other injuries. On brown skin, apart the risk of other injuries, it can produce de-pigmented patches on the skin due to destruction of melanocytes.

Diode Laser Technology

This laser is used successfully on brown skin and is actually suitable for all skin types as long as the hair is dark. It has high penetration for any skin type and is extremely effective in removing the hair follicle regardless of their depth in the skin.

diode laser treatment

It is one of the latest technologies in terms of laser hair removal application for the face. Diode laser treatment is the most costly procedure but also ensures the most effective outcome without risk of injury or fire.

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Pulsed Light Technology

Unlike the other laser beam technologies, this one is more selective and more precise. Pulsed light beam is emitted all over the face but it is extremely selective upon its action on the hair follicles. It can be used more effectively than the rest in cases where the hair is thinner and lighter. Often you can combine different types of laser and pulsed light to get the best results. Gels are used to cool the treated area.

ND Yag Laser Technology

This is recommended by a lot of hair removal experts for safe and effective treatment of every skin type, whether it is dark or light.

nd yag laser treatment

There is a cooling effect on the skin as the laser permeates the layers and penetrates into the deepest of them. Before its application, however, a gel is smeared on the skin to ensure there are no damages done to the facial tissues. It is quite a recent technology in the field of dermatology.

The duration of a session will depend on how much hair you have on your face and how much you’d like to get rid of. If the areas are small, then your session will be complete a lot sooner than say, if you were going for a more invasive procedure. It is obviously more convenient than having to shave on a daily basis to look all neat and tidy for a day outside.