Types Of Laser Treatments For The Face

types of laser treatments

types of laser treatmentsOur face is the mirror of our personality, and inner beauty. But as we grow older, we start facing various problems with our skin. And to resolve those problems, we experiment with various types of over the counter skin creams, and also with various types of natural remedies.

But a certain stage comes, when nothing can be done by simple remedies. No matter how hard we try to control the problem, it never goes easily. This stage comes due to ageing, when various skin problems like wrinkles, age spots and loose skin appear. To get rid of them, we even try various anti-ageing creams, but in very rare cases they give effective results.

Apart from ageing problems, women also face various skin problems, like excessive hair on their face,  broken blood capillaries, scars, and various other problems. And if you are also suffering from such problems, then a laser treatment should end your search for the most effective results. So, here are a few laser treatments for the face, which deal with various types of skin problems.

Non-Ablative And Ablative Laser Treatments

Facial laser treatments are basically of two types, ablative and non-ablative. In ablative laser treatment, only the outer layer of the skin is targeted. As the laser touches the skin surface, it produces a large amount of heat, which vaporizes both water and skin tissues from the surface of the skin.

This removes the damaged outer layer, and enhances the growth of collagen and new fibers in the skin. While on the other hand, non ablative lasers penetrate deep inside the skin, without harming the outer skin layers or the skin surface.

Types Of Cosmetic Laser Treatments For Face

1. For Skin Tightening

Every kind of laser treatments provides firmness to the skin, because the laser treatment enhances collagen growth which helps to tighten the skin. But laser treatments which were used for this purpose were CO? and erbium laser treatments.

These treatments gave good results, but they had many side-effects, and the healing process used to be very slow. For this reason, scientists developed a new kind of laser treatment, called fractional laser resurfacing. This method, does not damage the good areas of the skin, therefore the healing process is also very fast.

2. For Acne Scars

Acne scars sometime become very hard to remove and sometimes even become almost permanent. Hence, the best way to remove them is by laser treatment. For removing acne scars, usually non-ablative lasers treatments are used. But apart from this, CO? laser, Erbium: YAG and fractional laser treatments are also used.

3. For Wrinkles

Many types of laser treatments are used for treating wrinkles. A single method may be either used alone, or it may be used in combination of the other laser treatments. Ablative laser treatments can be used to destroy the wrinkles on the surface of the face.

This promotes collagen growth in the skin, and thus removes wrinkles. Again, non-ablative lasers are used to remove wrinkles from deep inside the skin layers. This does not damage the outer skin layers, and the recovery time period is also very fast. Apart from this, a new and very effective method, called fractional laser resurfacing can also be used to remove wrinkles from very small area of skin, like around the eyes.

4. For Hair Removal

Nd: YAG and diode lasers are very effective to get rid of facial hairs. Normally these lasers are used on dark skin tones, while Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used on lighter skin tones.

5. For Vascular Problems

Vascular problems on face like broken capillaries, can be easily treated with diode lasers and Nd: YAG.

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