Types Of Water Push-Up Bra

Types Of Water Push-Up Bra

When you go to buy brassiere, you should first decide, whether what type of bra you need. If you have large breasts, then a supporting bra should be the best for you.

But if you have smaller breasts, and you want to accentuate them, then a padded bra should be ideal. A curvaceous figure is very much in fashion now-a-days, and some people like to show off their assets while wearing a nice dress. No one likes to looks like a seventh class student, and beautiful curves are dreams of every grown up women.

So, if you have small breasts and you want to make them look curvier, then one of the best options can be a push up water-filled bra. These bras help to push up the breasts, and make them look bigger. These are available at any departmental stores, and you can surely try them, to gain a never before experience.

What Is A Water Push Up Bra

Water push-up bras are padded bras that lifts up your breasts, enhances your cleavage, and makes your breasts appear larger. It accentuates your breasts, but it gives a more natural look than the padded bras. This is because, the water pad which is inserted into the cups are not detectable.

These bras are filled with water and oil, instead of foam. This helps the bra to take up the shape of your breasts, and they remain attached to the breasts just like a mold. And as because the filling of the bra is not rigid; you need not have to worry about getting caught while hugging someone.

Water push-up bras

Function Of Water Bra

Water bra is a padded bra, which is filled with water and oil mixture. This bra uplifts the breasts, and makes smaller breasts appear larger. It is worn by women, when they want to accentuate their breasts and enhance their cleavage. Not only this bra accentuates the breast, it also helps to hold the breasts and provides support to them.

This is achieved by an underwire, which is provided at the base of the bra. This bra is useful for small breasts, as well as for sagging breasts. If you want to show off your cleavage when wearing a dress, but your breasts are sagged, then this bra can help to lift the breasts and makes them appear beautiful.

Function Of Water Bra

Types Of Water Bras

Normally water bras are filled with water and oil, but a renowned company mixes baby oil to the water, so the bra becomes very comfortable. Apart from this, water filled inserts are also used in water bras, and these inserts can be used in almost all types of padded bras.

Water bras are available in various styles, like push up bra, plunging bra and demi-bra. Push up bras are made to hold up your breasts and to enhance your cleavage. These are provided with underwire, which serves the purpose. These bras are perfect to be worn with v-neck tops or dresses. Plunging bras are suitable for wearing with low neck dresses.

Plunging bra

Advantages Of Water Bras

  • They push up the breasts and accentuates your cleavage
  • These are very comfortable
  •  These are not very hard like padded bras
  • They get easily adjusted to your breast shape, and becomes like a mold
  • They are usually seamless, so no lines can be seen beneath your dress.

Disadvantages Of Water Bras

There is a danger of leakage of the water from the bra, if they are popped with sharp objects.