Typical Hair color Horrors and How to fix them

hair-color-horrorsIf you have purchased a box of hair dye with the expectation that your hair will turn out exactly like the box, don’t be shocked when you get something completely different. If your hair is already treated in any way, including permed, relaxed or highlighted, your hair may come out darker than you anticipated. The reason for this is that it will absorb the color a lot faster than if your hair was untouched.

After your color has been applied and you feel that you just don’t like it, you can try to lighten it up. Use 2 oz of 20 volume peroxide, 1 oz of any shampoo and mix with 1 oz of warm water. Apply this to your hair from the darkest point to the lightest. Use plastic wrap to wrap your hair and sit under a hair dryer. Be sure to check it every 5 minutes till you get to the desired color.

After you have reached your goal color, shampoo well and be sure to apply a deep conditioner to nourish your hair. If this does not work for you, seek professional help. They may tell you that you just have to wait it out.

A few important things to remember when purchasing your hair color. Always use the same brand at all times. You may find that one brand’s shade is slightly different than another. You also don’t want to try and fix one mistake with another color, as this will result in another mistake.

The natural color of your hair plays a factor in the color that you choose as well. If you feel that you have too much red in your hair, use a green based ash tone and if you have a green tone, use a red tone base. For yellow blonde, make sure that the color you choose has a base of blue or violet.

No matter what, always remember to use a conditioner on your hair after every wash. Coloring your hair will leave it damaged. By using a leave in conditioner, it will help to keep your new color beautiful and your hair healthy and strong.

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