Under Eye Makeup Tips

eye makeup

eye makeupWhen we put on makeup we ensure that it looks flawless and perfect. However, sometimes putting on makeup under the eye can often prove to be tricky. As known this area is where the skin is most sensitive and thin. Effects of aging can also be seen incredibly on this area.

Therefore, we need to be careful before applying makeup under the eyes. A pair of bright peepers can transform the whole look. Problems like dark circles, wrinkles and patches can make you look tired and should be covered with proper makeup tricks.

Makeup Tips For  Bright And Smooth Under Eye Look

Create A Base

Extremely dry skin can cause flakiness so it is important to moisturize the skin and improve the texture by removing dryness. For sensitive skin use an allergy free eye moisturizer so that it does not cause any irritation or redness. Creams containing Vitamin C helps to improve natural radiance.

Create A Base

For a better lasting effect try putting the eye cream in the fridge for some time before applying. The cold will contract and tighten the area and make it look younger. Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines by using a primer. Age spots and fine lines will be covered and filled up with the satiny texture of the primer. Enlarged pores will be diminished and the complexion will be refined and evened out. This will ensure a long lasting and crease free makeup.

Conceal Dark Circles

It is advisable to use a creamy concealer for under eye circles. Its light texture will blend gently into skin without making the area look too heavy. A yellow toned concealer will brighten the area naturally.


If you don’t use a concealer take a pea size amount of foundation and dab a moist sponge to glide on the area. Pat and press gently until the colour blends in totally. Remember to apply the concealer only on the actual dark areas instead of the whole under eye. Then blend with a brush or damp sponge.

Prevent Creasing

For a long lasting and crease free makeup use a setting powder to set your concealer. It is best to use a lose powder with a thick edged brush that will lightly cover the area without being too heavy.

 Prevent Creasing

If the makeup becomes too thick the area may look too made up and unnatural. However, if you are using pressed powder try to apply just a few dabs. This will prevent the makeup from creasing and let it stay for a long time.

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Highlight With White

Apply a white shimmery shadow at the corners of the eyes to highlight those areas and distract onlookers away from your dark circles or puffiness.

Highlight With White

A highlighter can be applied under the eyes to brighten the area. Another easy way to make the area look fresh and sexy is to line your lash line with a white pencil, instead of using black or darker colours.

Thick Line The Eyes

To give an appearance of fresh and smooth under eyes and to make the whole eye makeup pop out, try to outline the upper eyelid by thickly lining it. You can draw a winged line to make it more sensuous. Skip any dark liner under the lids as that will only increase the flaws.

Use these under eye makeup tips to make your eyes look bright, sultry and sensuous for any kind of makeup.