Understanding Men And Love

Love makes the world go round.” This is a very common quote. For many, especially women, love certainly does make the world go round. When a woman is in love, she eats, sleeps, drinks, dreams and breathes love It is therefore not unnatural for her to want the man she loves to feel the same way and behave as besotted as she is. However, most women who desire this are inevitably in line to be disillusioned.

As time passes, if you feel that your man no longer loves you, the reality of the matter could actually be that you man just feels different about the relationship when compared to you. You need to remember that the desire to love and be loved is the desire of every human being. However, the way in which this love is expressed could vary to a large extent. Therefore, understanding how men deal with love and how they express themselves, can help you to a large extent in understanding your man and enriching your relationship.

Understand How Men Think

A man is no less a human being than you are. Therefore, take a while to think about who your man is at heart. This is the first step to understanding him. Men are not very complex creatures nor are they void of emotions and feelings. They are capable of profound thought. The difference between them and women is that they do not publicise their thoughts.

A man’s brain is hard-wired to think analytically. Therefore, when it comes to any relationship in his life, including a relationship with the love of his life, a man tends to think more practically than emotionally.

Understand How Men React

Considering the fact that men think analytically, their reactions tend to be very different to that of women. There are some men who are very controlled in their responses. They might analyse a situation a million times before making a decision. On the other hand, there are men who are impulsive. Take time out to think about how your man reacts. This will tell you a lot about the love he has for you.

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For example, when you go out with your man, how does he respond if a cute guy keeps staring at you? What would he do if you seem to respond? Or, how does your man react if you are in trouble? Does he take up cudgels in your defence if people talk ill of you? Analyse questions such as these. You will be able to understand the love your man has for you by doing so.

Understand How Men Express Themselves

To women, love includes, but is not limited to, flowers, chocolates, dates, gifts and so on. Men, however, view most of these as just frills to the actual feeling. You man may not seem enthusiastic about buying you flowers or gifts. This does not necessarily mean that he does not care about you. Rather, most men feel that spending time with you and being with you is worth much more. In the time that you spend together, try to understand how your man expresses himself.

Some men have difficulty in putting forth feelings and thoughts into words. If this is the case with your man, do not push him to open up. Just make him feel comfortable with you. He may not be the sort of person who ceaselessly tells you that he loves you. However, a hug or the holding of hands could express his love to a greater volume than words ever could.

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