Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships People often say distance means so little when someone means so much. But people who have ever been into long distance relationship can actually say how difficult it is to maintain such a relationship. Without meeting the person, without getting in touch with the person in its literal sense, it is extremely hard to maintain such a relationship.

There are several hurdles but as always there are several ways too to overcome these hurdles and to conserve the relationship properly. Here are a few gift ideas for couples of long distance relationship to make their bonding stronger, memorable and enjoyable despite being separated over thousands of miles.

Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Personalized Cards/ Photo Frames

Personalizedgift items always add colour to a relationship. You can prepare cards with some romantic messages or a picture of both of you or something very special for both of you. Even a personalized photo frame with a photo of yours can also work wonders.

You can even prepare a wonderful calendar with your photos in every page and marking every special day of yours like anniversaries, birthdays in the calendar. Personalized gift items always hold a special place in your heart. It shows your hard work and dedication towards your relationship. It always provides a loving, caring touch to the relationship.


Pillows can be a wonderful gift for couples in long distance relationship. They act as your substitutes for your partner. Decorate the pillow with some special message which your partner will hug whenever he/she misses you, feels lonely.

Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

It will help him feel your presence around him/her every time he/she feels desolated. Pillows are wonderful gifts to stay connected with each other over long distances.


A wonderful, decorative scrapbook or a personalized diary having all your memories jotted down with some photographs portraying the uniqueness of your relationship is also a commendable gift.

It reminds you of every special occasion you spent together, every wonderful moments you spent with each other and for each other. It portrays how important is he/she in your life, how very special are the moments in your lives and how amazingly you are maintaining your commitment, how passionately you are conserving your relationship.

Coffee Mug

Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

If your partner is a coffee addict, coffee mug with both of your picture prestoed on it is an awesome gift.Whenever he/she drinks coffee, the mug reminds him/her of your presence in his/her heart, the importance of you in his/her life. A wonderful gift to keep you connected.

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If your partner is a bookworm, personalized bookmarks with personalized messages, emoticons, smileys and pictures are a brilliant idea to present to your partner. The moment he/she opens the book and look at the book marks, immediately he/she gets connected to you. Even if you stay miles apart, a fantastic way to be with each other for every single moment.

Love Blog

A marvelous way to express your love for your partner, a superb way to make your partner feel special, a magnificent way to make your relationship special. Create a blog and write down all you want to say to your partner. Even he/she can reply to you in the blog. Whenever you feel his/her absence, login to the blog, go through the conversations, relive those moments, refresh the memories and rejuvenate your relationship.

Love Letters/ Love Telegrams

Your mode of communication is mainly over net via online chat. Though, writing love letters may sound very backward but when you are separated over a distance, hardly get to meet, love letters may seem a very exciting mode of communication. Waiting for the letter to arrive and then going through it enthusiastically also feels great.

Unique Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

And specially reading them when you miss his/her presence the most helps a lot to maintain a steady relationship. Love telegrams are also another unique gift item which helps to maintain the spark in your long distance relationship. It helps to keep the intimacy alive though not physically but emotionally which in turn rekindles the charm in your relationship.

A Romantic Bouquet

On the special occasions receiving a wonderful bouquet of favourite flowers make your partner feel the importance of him/her in your lives. It makes your partner very happy and can wonderfully cheer up him/her if he/she is upset.

Gifts are always special. And more special if they are received from the most special person of your life and they become the most special when they are received without prior intimation. That is, surprise gifts always hold a special place and especially if it’s apersonalised surprise gift from the love of your life.

These are some of the distinct gift ideas that allow you to say and feel “I Love You” even being miles apart and maintain the closeness, the intimacy, the warmth and the spark in your relationship.