Unwanted Hair Removal Tips – Helpful Tips To Help Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair Removal Tips

If you have hair throughout the body, whether it is arms, underarms, back or chest, stomach, legs and genital area, you would like to get rid of this.

Waxing full-body is a difficult exercise and laser treatment is expensive. Here are a few methods to cope with this problem:

Continue to wax arms, legs and underarms regularly. Bikini wax can be done monthly, or better still shave off the hair from genital area once a week, but make sure that you have softened the hair there with mild soap for about five minutes before you shave. Follow shaving with application of a moisturizer.

Laser treatment for removing hair is an expensive option, but then there is no other way to get rid of hair permanently. Maybe electrolysis is a good option, but laser is much more effective and instead  of entire body in one go, you can get it done in small areas spread over a number of weeks so as to cover the entire body.

Laser treatment for removing hair

Sideburns or forehead can be treated with laser, but you can thread hair on your chin, upper lip and eyebrows.

America is marketing a new product called Hair Off, which works like a pumice stone. To this 3-inch length tool, sandpaper like tissue is attached and with it you are required to scrub gently the hairy parts of facial skin.

Hair Off

It removes hair and dead cells of skin, leaves your skin smooth and ensures that there is no in-growth.

Facial hair should be preferably bleached, but if there is plenty of hair on your face and you have a dark complexion, the hair will be obviously noticed and in such cases laser treatment is the best solution. Hair removal gels or creams should not be applied to face.


If there is hair on the tummy or back, you can use a lotion if you wear clothes which expose these regions.

Usually this portion of the body is covered and only when you are holidaying on a beach or when your tummy is likely to be exposed, you should consider using hair removal creams. These creams are not appropriate for regular use and thus use them occasionally. If you have hair on the nipples, cut them away or use “Face Off” cream on nipples.

Using hair removal creams