Use Nioxin Scalp Therapy To Treat All Your Scalp Problems

Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Nioxin Scalp TherapyThinning hair has become a huge problem affecting thousands of men, women as well as children in United States as well as around the world. In most of the cases, this cosmetic concern is the result of irritation of scalp or hair, hormonal imbalance, or shorter growth phase of your hair follicles than normal. The Nioxin Scalp Therapy is an extremely effective treatment for reducing appearance of thinning hair.

Functioning Of Nioxin Scalp Therapy

The Nioxin scalp therapy works just like a deep hair conditioner and helps in restoring the moisture content of the hair and boosting its volume. When this treatment is applied to our scalp, it helps in reducing levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp.

Since DHT plays an important role in shrinking of hair follicles and male hair loss, hindering DHT helps in slowing down hair loss. This therapy also contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which helps to protect hair from damage.

Benefits Of Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Though there are a large number of hair treatments available today that claim to clean as well as moisturize our hair, but Nioxin scalp therapy has a positive effect on both the scalp and hair. By using this therapy, you can prevent the hair products from clogging up your follicles, which is a major cause behind thinning of hair. Use of Nioxin scalp therapy helps in providing a thicker appearance to the hair by making the follicles and scalp healthier.

How To Use Nioxin Scalp Therapy?

Though it is true that various treatment options are available these days for treating the problem of hair loss and hair thinning, but the Nioxin scalp therapy has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times as it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Read on to find out the precise way of using Nioxin scalp therapy to get best results.

Nioxin Scalp Therapy Tips

Pump foam from the Nioxin scalp therapy directly into your scalp, making sure to cover your entire head properly to get maximum benefits. Now using your fingers, distribute the foam evenly over he scalp. Flip over your head and cover the underside of hair as well. Spread the product evenly through each strand of your hair with the help of a comb. Make sure to give enough time to combing your hair well to ensure that the treatment applied goes equally into all hair.

Nioxin scalp therapy is a leave-in hair treatment, so there is no need to rinse it off after application. Make sure not to rinse your hair after applying this treatment. Look out for any signs of irritation. Though it is not known to cause irritation in many people, but you must monitor your scalp to detect any issues immediately. In case there is any itchiness or redness, discontinue its use immediately.


According to United States Food and Drug Administration, the claims of Nioxin scalp therapy to reduce hair loss and thicken hair have not been tested by them. So it is possible that few people may experience great results whereas other may not. Make sure to read the label of the product carefully before using it. Also, keep a realistic approach and expectation from the Nioxin scalp therapy as it is no ‘magic product’.