Useful Dating Advice From Women

Useful Dating Advice From Women

Useful Dating Advice From Women There are few things in this world that are best not tried out until you have listened to the sound advice of those who have been there and done it all. Dating is one such thing. Rather than stepping into the dating game unprepared and ready to learn from your mistakes, taking heed to the advice of the pros is a safer option.

When asked about their experiences with online dating and dating in general, and the advice that they would like to share with women who are new to the dating game, here is what some women had to say.

Dating Tips & Advice From Women

Protect Your Identity

This is especially true if you are dating online. Trust nobody on the Internet. If you want to stay safe, the only way you can ensure this is by protecting your interests. Do not give out personal information such as your full name, your address or even the city you live in. Phone numbers are never to be disclosed. Details about your family or workplace are never to be revealed.

The First Date

Never agree to meet your date in a secluded area. If you are meeting him in a restaurant, make sure the restaurant is situated in a crowded area. Insist on choosing the time and place of your first date and perhaps the next few dates too. Choose to meet him in a crowded location or a location that is not completely isolated.

Useful Dating Advice From Women

Let your family or a close friend know whom you are going to be with, when and where. Let them know that you will call them once you are back home safe. Also, ask them to call you in the event they do not hear from you at a particular time. Once you are back home, let them know that you have reached home safe and sound.

Be Honest – Be Yourself

Never put on an act or pretend to be somebody you are not. You may be able to fool the guys for a short while, but sooner or later your true colors are going to come peeping through. Men like sincere women. Putting on a show for him, pretending to be smart, witty or humorous when you are not will only make you look stupid. Be yourself – you can never go wrong when you are yourself.

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Be Prepared For The Best

You never know – things just may turn out just the way you want it to and the two of you may want to take your relationship to the next level and continue your date in the bedroom. So before your date, make sure you have showered.

Useful Dating Advice From Women

If you suffer from foul body odor, be sure to use a deodorant after you shower. Unwanted hair is a major turnoff for many men, so make sure you are prepped and ready. Protected sex is the safest form of sex, so be sure you use protection.

Be Prepared For The Worst

If this is the first time you are meeting a particular man on a date, be prepared for an emergency. If he tries to attack you, be prepared with a pepper spray (carry one in your purse at all times) or make use of your spiked heels to jab his foot. Scream, yell, shout or do anything in your power to attract the attention of passersby. This will stop him from attacking you even if for a short while, giving you enough time to break free and make a run for it.

Armed with these tips from women who have been there and done it all, stay calm, don’t be nervous and enjoy dating.