Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight When I hear the word diet, I feel now it’s the time to fight; not with the fats but burgers, pizzas and different aerated or alcoholic beverages. In today’s lifestyle wherein everybody rests upon junk food from dusk to down, it’s impossible to resist the crave on seeing the tempting and delicious food items. But did you ever check their calorie count? Before you answer this within your heart, I will ask you a big question here; do these junk items lead to a healthy lifestyle?

Without even second thought, the answer is no. Now, when your body is used to eat the fast food and pile up the calories within, let’s do an experiment by eating healthy food for a while and see the difference. I won’t mention the consequences since I wish you to see the results yourself!

However, the battle against accumulated fat within can be accomplished with a simple diet plan to follow. All you need is to discount a couple of food items from your diet and reschedule your meals. Checkout the following useful diet plan to lose weight.

Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight

The Day Begins

Beginning of any event, ceremony, occasion is of prime importance. The beginning cultivates the level of interest through to the end. During night, the water supply to your body is minimal. However, the body is using accumulated water to carry out all the activities. Hence, when you get up then intake a glass of luke warm water to compensate the water level. You can use lemon or 1 table spoon of honey to enhance the taste.

Time for Breakfast

Prefer two slices of brown bread with a cup of tea, coffee or juice. Keep the minimal sugar content in all these drinks. An omlette cooked without the york can relish your taste buds.

Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Additionally, you can use low fat butter on the bread slices coupled with low fiber biscuits such as Marie.

Miss the Brunch, Jump onto the Lunch

You can eat an apple or curd prior to the lunch. Eat full plate of green salad during the lunch; half of it before beginning and the rest half, during the lunch. Take two chapatti’s clubbed with pulses, beans or any healthy vegetable. Don’t take water immediately after the lunch; you can take a glass of water prior to it or after 30 minutes.

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Evening Snacks

Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight

A bowl of soup, fruits, a cup of tea with biscuits, green tea or anything lighter of your choice. Make sure there is a gap of minimum 2 hours between evening snacks and dinner time.

Clock says Nine, Time to Dine

Eat minimal before sleeping, since the body metabolism would be zero and whatever you eat will be converted to fats. A bowl of vegetable followed by a glass of milk would be the best deal. If you haven’t taken soup in the evening, this time calls for it. You should not eat anything for 2-3 hours prior to sleep.

A big No!

Dieting doesn’t mean that it’s time to quit eating, it simply says that eat healthy and at regular intervals. Break your meal into five instead of three parts. Say no to sugar, junk food, soft drinks and everything that multiplies the fat content of your body. 70% of your fat gets affected by the eating habits you adopt. Follow this plan for a week, and feel the difference!