Useful Information On Laser Teeth Whitening

laser teeth whitening

laser teeth whiteningYour teeth say many things about you. Teeth are also among the first things, which an individual looks while meeting you for the first time. A bright, healthy and clean smile is free from diseases, and can boost your relationship and even your job.

That’s the reason why nowadays the market of teeth whitening is becoming successful, especially by laser.  Laser teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to make your teeth white, providing a beautiful smile which is 10 times whiter in just one hour. Many people get worried about their appearance because of their discolored teeth, but now with laser teeth whitening they can get perfect smile.

However, there are number of products available for teeth whitening.  Different toothpastes promise to whiten your teeth, wide variety of whitening materials are also available, from an overnight gel to fast bleaching strips as well as mouthwash products. All these products are manufactured by different brands and are available throughout the world. Laser teeth whitening are also becoming popular, since it is an effective and fast way to achieve a healthier and whiter smile.

Causes Of Teeth Discoloration

Most of the people are going for laser teeth whitening, because this is the best way to clear up their discolored teeth. Discolored teeth are a severe problem because it prevents an individual from smiling. Some causes of discolored teeth are associated to factors, which are beyond your control.

One of the causes of teeth discoloration is your age. With age, your teeth’s outer enamel gets weaker and thinner, thus displaying the darker tissue underneath. There are some substances that can change the color of your teeth. Cigarette smoking and well as products, which includes tobacco cause brown and yellow stains on the back and front side of the teeth.

Some fruits, tea and coffee even produce stains on your teeth, especially if you are neglecting dental care. There are few medicines also which can have some effect on your teeth shade. The best way to avoid your teeth from getting dark is to avoid the use of these substances. However, every time it is not possible. Some antibiotics can make stains or dark lines permanently on your teeth. Therefore, before using certain drugs, just ask doctor about its side effects.

Procedure of Whitening Teeth by Laser

laser teeth whitening procedure

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At home different tooth whitening products are there, starting from the counter strips to the toothpastes. These can somehow remove some stains but not completely, therefore most of the people are going for laser teeth whitening, for best results. Cosmetic experienced dentists make use of different applications or laser, but all the teeth whitening procedures are similar.

To start with the procedure, the patient needs to clean the lower and upper teeth surface. After this a teeth whitening gel is properly applied to the patient’s teeth. A protective eyewear is given to patient for preventing his or her eye damage, which can be caused due to laser, and then the proper focus of laser is on the teeth. The module of laser is formed to properly fit the mouth shape, maintaining the laser to concentrate on the patient’s teeth.

The desired effects on the teeth sensitivity of the patient, determine the number of time he or she has come into contact to the laser. The laser light starts the teeth whitening substances, cutting the tooth enamel as well as removing stains, so that the appearance of the teeth becomes white.

Advantages of Laser Whitening

Before you go for laser teeth whitening, you should be well aware of the benefits of this procedure. The popularity of this procedure has increased tremendously. Due to its numerous benefits lot of people are going for this treatment. Although this procedure is really expensive as compared to the other treatments, the results are visible quicker just 1 hour after the treatment session.

This is a much faster solution as compared to the everyday use of bleaching trays or teeth whitening strips, which can even cause some discomfort to people who are having sensitive teeth.  These options need more time for achieving the desired results, as well as their effects are also not long lasting, like the laser teeth whitening.

Also, the whitening of teeth by laser may be a less expensive way of improving the total creation of a beautiful smile as compared to the other cosmetic solutions. Laser treatment should be done by a professional dentist, because a teeth board needs to be eliminated, that is the food waste collected upon teeth. This makes sure that the outcome of teeth whitening by laser procedure is perfect.

Disadvantages of Laser Whitening

There are number of advantages of laser teeth whitening, but apart from that there are several disadvantages also. The side effects of laser whitening are not serious, but they vary from person to person. For people who already have sensitive teeth and gum, should first properly discuss the issues along with the dentist, before going for the treatment of teeth whitening.

Few times some people have found tenderness of gums and teeth. The main reason behind the side effects of laser whitening is that the dentist might have used peroxides which are caustic. This in turn will irritate the tissues in the mouth.

There is even the risk involved when the teeth whitening procedure is being performed, patient’s teeth may become sensitive or may even start to cause discomfort. In this type of cases, your dentist might have to cut down the treatment, to minimize the side effects of teeth whitening by laser.

Choose the Best Option

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of laser whitening will help you to know more about this treatment. The laser teeth whitening are getting popular only because of its benefits. There are several options available to choose from, when it comes to selecting the laser whitening.

Before you go for any option, first do little research and consult your doctor. If you are uneasy about your teeth color and are looking for the right treatment, then laser teeth whitening is best for you. Dentists can again bring back your beautiful smile.