4 Useful Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

4 Useful Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Our skin falls into one of the 5 categories– oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive. Having and maintaining a sensitive skin is a challenge in itself. It is too sensitive and delicate to handle.Slight overexposure to sun can lead to skin rashes easily. You cannot wash it more frequently as it tends to dry quickly. And you have to take utmost care in selecting and applying any beauty products on your sensitive skin.

In such a case, doing makeup is no less than a herculean job be it for a wedding a party or your causal everyday makeup. As sensitive skin is more prone to allergies and acne breakouts frequently, you have to choose the makeup products cautiously. If you are not sure of what ingredients you are sensitive and allergic to, head to your dermatologist for a skin test. Listed here are some of the useful makeup tips to keep in mind before you go ahead with beautifying your sensitive skin.

Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Choose The Right Moisturizer

It is important to use the right moisturizer for your sensitive skin to lock the moisture soon after your wash your face or after a shower.


Choosing a fragrance-free moisturizer keeps your skin well hydrated and helps in preparing your skin for the makeup.Allow it to absorb fully before you start applying makeup on your face.

Use Powder Cosmetics

Powder cosmetics contain lesser amounts of preservatives and ingredients and less fragrance compared to the liquid counterparts. So you are less likely to get irritation on your sensitive skin.

pwder cosmetic

Do not go for oil based foundation; instead opt for mineral foundation which actually makes your skin glow. Using a powder brush apply the foundation in a circular motion.

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No To Waterproof Cosmetics

Waterproof products were a revolution in the makeup industry, but are not of much help to your sensitive skin.You will end up using harsher product to remove the waterproof makeup which will rip off the natural oils from your skin which are responsible for hydrating and protecting your skin.

waterproof cosmetics

In the process you end up irritating your skin more leading to rashes and red patches.Stay away from waterproof cosmetics as far as possible.

Use Light Colors

Choosing right colors for makeup is equally important for your sensitive skin.The darker the color more the pigmentation, resulting in irritation to the skin. So stick to natural shades and lighter tones. Use natural shades for blush and lighter tones for eye shadows like cream, white, beige or any earthy tones.Experts say for eyes,black colored pencil or mascara is good for sensitive skin as it contains least amount of allergens.

light color

Apart from the above makeup tips you should also pay attention to the hygiene of your sensitive skin and the cosmetics you use on your skin. Do not use the cosmetics and products which are beyond their expiry date. Do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist if your skin feels irritated more frequently and you have no clue about it.