3 Useful Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup

Your prom day is near the corner and you have all the essential things ready. You have the perfect dress and the perfect accessories and you are all set to go to the prom party. But, have you considered the prom makeup? You must have thought you will get it done from a salon or maybe get some help from your mom.
Prom Makeup
But, wouldn’t it be a wise option to plan your makeup in advance and give it a try at home a day before the prom. After all, what will you do if you didn’t like the makeup on the party day and then you won’t have enough time to do it all over again! But, there’s no need to worry here. Read these useful home makeup tips to look your best on the prom day, but make sure to give it a try before finalizing it.

Tips For Prom Makeup

Neat & Clean Face

Make sure that your skin is as neat and clean as possible before the arrival of the prom day. Don’t risk your face with new and untried facial masks in order to prevent any blunders. If you want, you can use a mask which you have tried before or the one which suits your skin.

If you have acne or blemishes, make sure to buy a foundation and concealer. Before starting the face makeup, moisturize your face, neck and back with a light moisturizer followed by the foundation and concealer. You can use a sponge to completely blend the makeup so as to give it a natural look. Also use a bit of blush on your cheek bones with the help of a brush.

Neat & Clean Face

Eyes Say It All

To apply a stunning eye makeup, you will need plenty of things like a liquid eye liner, eye shadows, eye glitter, mascara along with an eye lash curler. You can start the makeup by applying a thick layer of liquid liner on the upper lids of your eyes. Make sure to extend the line at the ends to give a glam doll look.

Next, take an eye lash curler and gently curl up both the upper and lower eye lashes. Dab loads of mascara on the lashes to highlight them. Next, take the eye shadow which you can use in a single color or a mix of two shades. Don’t even think of matching the color of the eye shadow with your dress. It looks flashy and outdated. You can use a color that complements the dress and also matches your skin tone. Complete the makeup with a pinch of eye glitter on the upper lids.

Eyes Say it All

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Read My Lips

To make your lips look fuller and glossy, start using lip balm a week before the prom day. This will make your lips soft and prevent any lip chapping. Use a matching shade of lipstick along with a lip gloss to make it stay longer. To make your lipstick stay the whole night, you can use a bit of powder foundation on your lips followed by a thick line of lip liner. Then apply the lipstick and blot once. Use a bit of power foundation again and re-apply the shade followed by a lip gloss.

Read My Lips