Useful Tips For Eye Make Up

Useful Tips For Eye Make Up

Useful Tips For Eye Make Up You can look attractive by making your eyes look beautiful and glamorous. Applying make up is an art but you must know some tips so that you can excel in this art. Eyes are the first thing which any one usually will notice. You should keep in mind that you do your eye make up according to the occasion.

Eye make up will reflect that for what occasion you are dressed. Make sure that you use the correct techniques and colors to get the perfect look.

Eye Make Up Tips


Brows will help you to make your eyes look very expressive and bigger. Apply eye shadows under your brows to make your eyes look attractive. Then comb your brows to get a neat look. Trim the extra brows if required. You can use spiral eye brow brush to comb and shape your brows. Getting your brows trimmed is very essential to get a perfect look.

Use an Eye Liner

Eye liner will any time give you a bold look. Use a well sharpened eye liner to make your eye lashes look thick. Eye liner will help you to add more drama to your look. You can use liquid eye liners too. If you are drawing dots then make sure that you join them with small strokes.

Apply your eye liner after applying your eye shadow and mascara to get a clean look. If you want to prevent your eye liner tip from breaking while sharpening it then you must store it in your refrigerator. Don’t make the eye liner tip pointed because the tip might enter your eyes and cause injury to your eyes. The tip might even break and enter your eyes leading to infections.

Eye Shadow

Use any eye shadow color according to your dress and occasion. Try applying medium color on your eyelid, light color on your brow bone and dark color on your crease. If you have applied more than one color then blend them properly with the help of your fingers or a proper brush designed to do so to get a natural look.

Useful Tips For Eye Make Up

If you have small eyes then use nude or light shades to make your eyes look bigger rather than using darker shades. Make sure to choose the eye shadow which will suit your eye color the best and enhance your look. Avoid using bronzer as an eye shadow instead use bronzer on your nose or cheeks or forehead. You can use shimmery eye shades when you are going for parties to enhance your eyes.

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Curling Eye Lashes

You can curl your eye lashes with the help of eye lash curler. Make sure that you curl your lashes before applying your mascara. To get the perfect look you must hold the clamp for about 5 to 6 seconds. After curling your eye lashes you can apply mascara to define or lengthen or make your eye lashes look thick. Make sure that the mascara is still wet before you apply it because dry mascara will result in clumps giving an untidy look. Use the eye curler carefully so that you don’t spoil your eye lashes.

Use appropriate excellent quality brushes to apply your eye make up. Do clean them properly after use. It is advisable to not to share your make up products especially eye make up products with others because it can easily transmit bacteria and infections.

Use less make up if you want to look simple and reduce the chances of your make up getting spoiled or smeared. You can even use baby oil to remove your eye make up when you notice that it is smudging off. It is better to apply no make up rather than getting a look that you have dark circles under your eyes. Try using water proof or smudge proof products if you want to avoid smudging of your eye make up. Carry your eye make up products for emergencies as your eyes play an important look in defining your look.

Purchase good quality eye make up products because your eyes are very sensitive and needs proper care using cheap quality and road side products might cause infections in your eyes or can even transmit bacteria. Practice will make you perfect. You can get an expert advice when you are planning to do your eye make up for the first time. Eyes are very sensitive part of your body so make sure that the make up products you use don’t enter your eyes. Remove the entire make up products with good quality cleanser before going to bed.