2 Uses Of Cinnamon For Hair Treatment

Uses Of Cinnamon For Hair Treatment

These days, natural treatments have gained popularity worldwide. Different types of natural and herbal treatments are tried for correcting hair and skin problems. Cinnamon is a popular ingredient that is used for treating hair.

Both cinnamon bark and cinnamon oil can be used in hair treatments. Cinnamon contains volatile oils like trans-cinnamic and eugenol, which make it an efficient herbal remedy for many skin disorders.

Initially, cinnamon was basically used as a spice but later on some of the herbalists discovered the anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties of this spice. Since then, cinnamon has been used widely to treat scalp infections and stimulate hair growth. It can also be used to prevent hair loss and lighten hair. In most hair treatments, cinnamon is used as a paste but in some treatments, it is also used in the form of oils. Let us learn about the cinnamon hair treatment in brief.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Hair Treatment:

Cinnamon Hair Treatment To Prevent Hair Breakage:

Several people suffer from an abnormal hair breakage problem. If any suitable measure to prevent this problem is not taken then it may lead to hair loss. Application of cinnamon is an excellent remedy for hair breakage problem.

You can make a thick paste of cinnamon powder and apply it on the crown of your head or on your temples. It will stimulate the areas on which it has been applied and will thus enhance hair growth. Application of cinnamon oil is equally effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair breakage.

This treatment is usually adopted by people, who have thin hair. For making the cinnamon paste, you should mix one tablespoon each of cinnamon powder and honey in lukewarm olive oil. After application on the problematic areas, this paste should be left for at least 15 minutes. After this you should rinse it off with normal water.

Hhair breakage problem

Cinnamon Hair Treatment To Lighten Hair:

Cinnamon not only has the ability to stimulate hair growth but can also be used for lightening hair. If you are looking for a natural and an easy way to lighten your hair then you can use cinnamon hair treatment. Cinnamon has natural bleaching property. It can be used frequently to lighten your hair color.

For this treatment, you will require cinnamon powder and hair conditioner. Mix these ingredients in equal proportion and apply the paste on your hair. But before applying it, you should wet your hair and drain off the excess water from hair. Also, remove the tangles and start applying the cinnamon paste from top to bottom.

cinnamon powder and hair conditioner

A small quantity of honey can also be added to the cinnamon paste. This will give you lighter shade. On its application, you might experience tingling sensation in your scalp area. This will mean that the paste is doing its work effectively. You will get good result by keeping the cinnamon paste on your hair for a longer time.

Honey & Added to the cinnamon paste

Therefore, it is often suggested to keep your hair covered with the cinnamon paste for the entire night. This will give you comparatively better result. If you find it inconvenient to sleep with the paste on your hair, then you have the option to tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a towel or a plastic bag. Rinse your hair well the next morning.

Keep your hair covered with the cinnamon paste