Vaginal Infection-Causes, Treatment

One of the main problems that haunt women is itching at the vagina. This could be due to many reasons. But if not treated at the earliest could lead to complications. Infection at the vaginal valve (vulvovaginitis) caused by yeast and trichomoniasis are the prime reasons for swelling and redness at the pubic area.

Normally human immunity power and useful bacteria would prevent fungal infections at the vagina. But loss of body’s immunity power or use of certain antibiotics or even excessive moisture could bring a drift in vaginal ph level, leading to destruction of useful bacteria and thus paving way for fungal growth.

Some women are allergic to use of substances like soaps, detergents, toiletries with perfumes and latex condoms. In such cases use of these products must be stopped completely and they must maintain hygiene during intercourse.

Certain sanitary pads could also cause itching. In such cases women must use a high quality sanitary pad, which has not crossed the expiry date.

When you are affected with fungal infection, you will feel a burning sensation along with itching while passing urine or sexual intercourse and at times even white discharge will be seen. The main cure prescribed for fungal infections are anti-fungal creams.

Trichomoniasis is a condition when vaginal itching or Irritation is accompanied by coloured discharge caused by a microscopic organism called Trichomonas vaginalis. This is a sexually transmitted disease. The drug prescribed to cure this disease is metronidazole.

Another itching causing agent is pubic lice. These are six-legged organisms that are sexually transmitted. They thrive in pubic area and lay eggs. Use a lice-killing shampoo to clean the infected parts until the infection is fully cured.  Never delay to consult a doctor on persistence of severe itching coloured discharge, redness, swelling etc.


Methods to prevent infections are to clean the infected area using only water, stop the use of soaps and detergents at the private parts, throw away allergy-causing sanitary pads and practise clean sex. Always wear comfortable cotton night dresses. Try to avoid dark coloured under garments as some people are allergic to certain fabric dyes. Remember never indulge in sex unless the infection is completely cured.