Various Cute Haircuts For Medium Hair

If you are the owner of medium length hair and have got frustrated with the common haircuts and looking for something really new and creative then you are in the right place.

We are here to help you out! Now it’s time for you to break out of the common dull and boring concept of nothing to do with medium length hair except those tacky conventional ones. Try out the amazing and creative styles listed below and become the latest gossip of the town!

Stylish Haircuts For Medium Hair

Layered Locks Style

Whenever talking about cute haircuts for medium length hair the first style that comes in mind is the layered locks haircut style.

layered locks

In this quite interesting style the hair is cut in two levels and layers of different lengths are created. The first layers are short and ends near the chin level thus giving a new dimension to your face. The second layer is kept rather long and falls on the shoulder or around your neckline.

Asymmetrical Style

If you truly want to bring a noticeable effect to your hair then nothing would be more perfect for you than the asymmetrical haircut style.

Asymmetrical Style

In this style your stylist will create asymmetrical lines in your front hairs keeping your back hairs ether straight or layered.  In order to make it more unique you can try out excessive chops and cuts at the edges of your hair.

Bobbed Style

In case you want a more modern and pretty haircut you can try out the medium hair bob style. Soft layers are created in this style that just ends just near the jaw line and provides your hair with a volume and fullness.

Bobbed Style

In order to bring out a little more uniqueness you can keep the front hairs larger than the back layers. Remember to keep the ends even and equal in order to get a wonderful bob.

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Feathered Style

With the feathered haircut style your medium length hair will achieve a great dimension and elegance. In this style you will get a feathered look as your side locks will be swept along the side of your cheekbone.

Feathered Style

These layers will be created from above your ears and will stretch to your shoulders but in an upward direction thus providing you elegance as if you are dressed for an evening party.

Sharp Angled Style

You needn’t to get disappointed if you desire a sharp and angled haircut. You have this option too. You can try out the sharp angled style if you have pretty medium-sized locks. Keep the shortest layers embracing your chin with sharp edges and let the longest layers fall straight against your shoulders thus creating a sharp angled look. With a little touch of iron you can heighten the effect of your angled haircut.

Now as you have got a huge option of cute haircuts for medium length hair you can choose the best suited one for yourself and become the sand of each eye. Go forward and don’t hesitate to try out any one of these unique styles. With a sincerely chosen style you can add up a glam look to your personality.