Various Effective Acne Skin Care Methods

Various Effective Acne Skin Care Methods

Various Effective Acne Skin Care Methods Acne is a disorder which has become common among most of the people these days. There are various types of medications and skin care products available for the acne treatment. But if your skin is sensitive, the acne treatment gets more difficult as the medication should suit the skin type.

You need to be very careful about the formulation and ingredients used as otherwise it could be damaging. The best thing to do is consult a dermatologist to get the correct guidance. Acne is mainly caused due to various factors like improper diet, pores clogged by dirt or pollution, stress and hormonal changes. It usually starts when one is in their teenage. Consumption of sugar, caffeine, refined and processed foods, and certain type of medication, allergies, old cosmetics, and toxics are a few other causes of acne.

Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

How would anyone come to know if they have sensitive skin? There are lots of people who are unaware if their skin is sensitive or normal. When reacting to heat or cold, if your skin gets sunburned or wind burned, and it feels stingy, irritated, red colored or tight, it means your skin is sensitive. Usually the skin is dry and delicate and reacts to any change in temperature, detergents and also a few cosmetics.

There is no particular age or period that acne occurs in. Anyone can be affected. The skin surface is thin but since hormones in our body surges, the production also increases and pores in the skin get clogged. Some steps you should take for treating acne.

Visit a Dermatologist

Sometimes their over the counter medication helps but cannot be said for all types of skin. These medicines involve chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc which could aggravate the acne in some cases.

Go Natural

Usually it is said that the natural ingredients like herbs and plant extracts are the best for treating acne. These mild and safe formulae are preferred by people with normal skin too. The basic ingredients should be products with rose, lavender, sandalwood or chamomile.

Market products

Various Effective Acne Skin Care Methods

There are other products like the Glycolic acid which is quite mild for sensitive skins. It is found in facial and skin creams.

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Skin Care

Avoid scrubbing your skin. Use gentle soap free facial cleanser made for sensitive skin. Avoid sun as it causes acne eruptions. Shampoo hair regularly as oily air worsens acne. Wear cotton clothes. Avoid aluminium and aluminium products.

Modify Diet

Though we cannot say controlling diet a treatment but it is one of the necessities to give the treatment more effect. The needs are
Drink lots of water. Eat diet having plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Avoid fried food and fats. Avoid chocolate, sugar, caffeine, carbonated beverages, wheat and iodized salt. Eat green leafy vegetables which are high in vitamin A. Food with zinc prevents acne reducing skin irritation and swelling. Eat plenty of fiber, raw fruits, veggies, flax seeds etc.

In spite of following all advices in case you are still suffering from acne, you need to see a good doctor or physician to check thyroid and hormonal levels.