Various TIGI Gift Sets To Gift Your Friends And Relatives

tigi gifts sets

tigi gifts setsEveryone loves to get gifts and especially if you gift a girl some beauty products, then she will bless you her entire life. There are many common gifts in the market, but sometimes we look for something different.TIGI is a cosmetic company, which has various world class products.

So, if you want to gift beauty products to a girl, or styling products to a boy, you may consider buying gift packs from TIGI. Various styling products are available from TIGI. You may buy any products randomly and assemble all of the products to form a gift set.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Straightening Gift Set

Straight hair is very much in fashion now-a-days. And if any friend of yours is thinking of straightening her locks, then you must gift her TIGI’s hair straightening duo gift set. The TIGI Bed Head Extreme Straight shampoo and conditioner is sulfate free, and contains hair straightening boosters. Apart from this, this shampoo and conditioner set also protects the hair from the damage of UV radiation.

Apart from the shampoo and conditioner duo, you can also gift your friend the TIGI Control Freak Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener. This range of product consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a serum. The control freak shampoo, conditioner and serum calms frizzy hair, thickens the hair, and straighten hairs.

Gift Set For Curly Hair

TIGI has a wide range of products for curly hair. So, if your girlfriend has curly hair and she does not know how to maintain and take care of her hair, then you can gift her TIGI’s curly hair gift set. Your gift set may consist of Style Shot High-Def Curls shampoo and conditioner duo.

This shampoo is sulfate free and defines curls. High-Def Curl shampoo and conditioner is very good for maintaining curly hair, but you must also gift your girlfriend some styling products like Extreme Curl mousse and High Def-Curl spray. The curl spray is a very effective product for controlling frizzy curly hair.

Gift Set For Colored Hair

Hair coloring is very much in fashion now-a-days, and if your friend has colored hair you can definitely gift him or her TIGI gift set for color protection. If your friend’s hair is brown or red colored, then a Color Combat Color Goddess shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner would be the ideal gift. While, if your friend has bleached or highlighted blond hair, then the gift set comprising of Color Combat Dumb Blond shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner should be perfect.

Gift Set For Men

If you are finding uncommon gifts for your male friend, then a TIGI men’s gift set will surely end your search. No other gifts for a man can be better than a gift set consisting of hair care and styling products for men. If your friend has fine hair, then you can help your friend add volume to his hair, with TIGI’s Bed Head Thickening shampoo and conditioner duo.

And if your friend has no problems of fine hair, but he likes to keep himself squeaky clean, the Bed Head Clean-Up Daily shampoo and conditioner should be the ideal gift for him. And along with these, if you want to gift him any styling products, then you can gift TIGI’s Bed Head styling Products like Hard Head Ultimate Hold Gel, Rockaholic Hard Core spray gel or Rockaholic Groupie texturizing spray pomade.

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