Velasmooth Procedures For Cellulite


A skin condition that is characterized by dimples on the surface of the skin is called cellulite.  Regardless of age, gender, weight and way of life, we all have cellulite. 

There are several factors that are correlated with the increase of cellulite, however; the causes remain undefined.

Many forms of medication and treatments have been identified with reducing cellulite problems and Vela Smooth procedures have given people hope when it comes to fighting against this disease.

The Cellulite Cure

An active lifestyle and proper dieting can help control cellulite but it can not be cured completely. Vela Smooth is a medical device for the effective treatment of cellulite.  Vela Smooth treatment offers combined several therapies for the maximum result.

It works to reduce the fat on the deep structures of the skin and is non painful and often described as a deep tissue massage.  The deep layers are then prepared for further procedures.

The next goal of the procedure is to provide cells with additional oxygen which increases the circulation of materials under the skin.  The elos technology aids in the increase of oxygen levels by heat which further combines both the energy of light and bi-polar radio frequency to heat hypodermic tissues.  Vela Smooth helps in reducing cellulite and firms the body by removing fat.

Vela Smooth Procedures: Good and Bad

Vela Smooth procedures require about 8-16 treatments to see the results.  They can also be painful and leave bruises.  It is very important to be informed that positive results do not stay forever and even with the aid of Vela Smooth treatment one may need to visit the specialist on a regular basis.

The number of visits will depend on the severity of the cellulite problem, and how quickly the results will become visible. Vela Smooth procedures can be costly and at the same time it doesn’t fight in reducing cellulite, it burns fat to make the body firm.

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also considered to reduce cellulite.  Increase in cellulite can be due to a number of factors such as heavy alcohol consumption, food rich in carbohydrates, salt and fat.  It is not very advisable to depend only on Vela Smooth treatment because the actual causes are still not discovered and there is no certain method to cure cellulite.