Versatile And Classy Black Handbags

Classy Black Handbags

Classy Black HandbagsA black handbag is undoubtedly the best and most classy accessory that a female can carry to top up that perfect, chiseled look. It goes well with, and heightens the picturesque effect of a completely well dressed lady in her elegance and poise. In fact, this is the most versatile item that matches and mixes with all formal and informal dresses that you wear.

No women that I know does not have it . They have many of them. Available in all sizes as per the requirements, there are some good categories or types of a black handbag; a must have in every lady’s wardrobe. They are listed below.

Types Of Black Handbags

Clutch Bag

A black clutch bag can go along with any color and style of formal dress, especially a formal and evening cocktail party. With a  plain black or shiny texture or a little bordered, it  can accompany a feminine attire anywhere.

A Medium Sized Bag

Classy Black Handbags

A medium sized black handbag is commonly used in order to match along with a dress in looks and needs. A medium sized bag can carry all the basic requirements of a woman like combs, cosmetics and small books. Simple or designer, plain or sequined; a must have for all the women.

A large’Potli Style’ Bag

A large bag is very useful for carrying more stuff , maybe when you are on a relatively longer trip to your preferred destination. If you are going to a picnic you might need to carry extra clothes or stuff like dryers or food. Then this size is appropriate for you. A large sized bag in the special ‘potli’ style is good and chic in looks too. It also looks nice when you wish to portray a trendy, casual look and with the color being black you can use it with any dress you wear to your picnic trip or short getaway.

A leather Bag

How about a leather bag in the darkest shade of color! A slightly glossy leather accessory that decorates your formal look to a certain extent and also looks gorgeous with a nice party attire! A small clutch in leather is a good complimenting item for a saree or a cocktail dress.

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A tote Bag

The typical tote as you call it , is made of durable thick cloth, with thick leather used only at the handles or along the bottom. These have an open top. Sometimes these bags have a pebbled surface that make it look sturdier.

Versatile Black Handbags

Mostly made in heavy and thick canvas, these  are dyed to be made in black, treated very well to resist the moisture in the atmosphere and molded into very durable items in this way. Jute is also a material used to make tote bags sometimes. These are medium in size and are very well suited to the tough look.

A Black Wallet or Pouch

A small pouch, commonly called wallet is used by ladies . They keep their money and valuables in these. Men also use wallets. Black leather wallets are their favorites.

Cross Style Side Bags

A smart cross  style bag is a smart, trendy accessory carried by trendy and sometimes, tomboyish  females. Black cross bags go along  with all your attires, however chic and colorful they are. This is one of the category of handbags that is convenient to carry as it is strongly supported across your body.


A black satchel bag for men and women is quite popular. A sachet often has a strap that is worn diagonally across someone’s body.

Types Of Black Handbags

It  hangs on opposite side near the hip. They are usually used by students or for that matter, anyone, for carrying books. They resemble briefcases but are different. The difference lies in the fact that a satchel is soft-sided and have straps unlike briefcases.

laptop Bag

Last but not the least when talking about handbags, is the black laptop bag. These are universally black and a tough bag that carries a delicate, fragile laptop. It is used both by men and women.


A black handbag can have textures ranging from smooth, pebble, soft as leather or even a crisp and hard one. Choose according to the look you want to flaunt.

Black Handbags

Then there are materials like  jute and semi jute that have a rough and gross feel but the look is really in for the summers. These are dyed in black to make attractive handbags.

Differently Priced Material

There are so many materials and designs; all differently priced. Brands offer a wide variety and a classy black handbag is one accessory that can cost in hundreds or  in lakhs depending on the brand name it carries.