Waxing tips

42-16071705Unwanted hair is creating a problem for you? Want smooth skin? You do not need to spend big money and go for a laser hair removal treatment. All you need is a wax. Many people are not in favor of this technique as it hurts a bit, but it is less expensive and very effective. Even thought it is temporary, it does last longer than any other technique, like using hair removing cream.

Waxing is of two types, hot and cold waxing. Hot waxing is more common than cold waxing. You can get hot waxing at any salon. People waxing at home tend to go for cold waxing. In case if you are wondering which one is more effective, the answer is hot waxing.

Before you start waxing, you need to know some simple and easy tips. Follow them and the whole process will be very easy.

First step is to have clean and dry skin. Make sure the hair you are about to remove is 1/8th of an inch. Do not over heat the wax, or else you might burn your skin. Heat the wax and once it is melted it should be as thick as honey. Some use cloths, but it is better to use the cellophane strips, as they are disposable. Then there will be less mess.

Some tend to have allergic reaction after waxing. So in order to avoid that, first test it on a small area and see if you are allergic or not. After all, better to be safe than a sufferer. See in which direction your hair has grown and apply wax in the same direction. Then press the cellophane strip on the waxed area and then pull it off. Do not pull the strip straight up to the body. Instead pull the strip against the hair growth direction.

After you are done waxing, apply lotion or any natural essential oil. That will make the skin smooth and soft. If the skin turns red or itches then apply ice on the skin. Make sure you do not expose the waxed skin to the sun for 24 hours after removing hair. And use a good sunscreen.

Last but not least, do not go for a wax while you are having your period. The skin tends to be too sensitive during that time.