Ways to Deal with an Annoying Mother-In-Law

Your married life is near to perfect only to be bothered by a woman who is mother of your spouse. No matter what you do she is not impressed, not even appreciative. She drives you crazy and you cannot bear her presence anymore. What to do?

Here are tips to handle your mother-in-law.

Talk to your Spouse

She is his/her mother. Your spouse will be able to tell you if this is how she is behaves with everyone or if she is just like this with you. If she has same attitude towards everyone then you need not be worried at all.

Try to understand that she has no personal grudge against you. It will definitely make you feel better.

If you are the only target of her sarcasm then too we have ways to deal with that.

Observe if She is just trying to Connect with you

She may not be rude or bad to you but may always try to “be” with you. It is a sign that she is simply trying to build a bonding with you. It could be also because she is usually alone and with you as a new member in the family, she is feeling nice to have someone for company.

Accept that is she not your Mother

She is not your mother. Keep this very clear in your mind. It will be very helpful to you when she is not being nice to you. This way you will not end up emotionally disturbed.

Accept she cannot Change

She has been there, done all. She has a certain character already. She is not going to change, don`t even have a hope. It is you who will need to find alternatives to keep things pleasant.

Remain Emotionally Neutral

Unless it is initiated from her side try not feel emotionally attached to her. Do not do something for her assuming she will really like it. Keep things neutral. Let her make her move. Try to be politically correct.

Avoid Being Around

You know it well that when you and her are in the same room she is going to be nasty. Avoid being alone with her. Get yourself busy in kitchen, sleep in your room, pretend you are on call or leave by making any excuse.