Ways to Do Full Manicure at Home

Tips For Dry Hands

manicureEvery woman dreams of having lovely nails and hands. However, it is not easy for a woman to find out time from her domestic chores and visit a beauty salon to do manicure regularly.

But not to worry! There are several ways of doing a full manicure at the comfort of your home in order to give your hands a refined and stunning look. Have a look and try out on your own.

Full Manicure Tips At Home

Take Out The Existing Nail Polish

The very first thing to do while performing a full manicure is to take out the existing dull and chipped nail polish. Take out the nail polish with the help of a nail polish remover and cotton balls.

remove nail polish

Take sufficient amount of nail polish remover in the cotton ball and rub thoroughly on the entire nail until the complete stain gets removed. Repeat the procedure if required.

Cut And Shape The Nails

After removing the nail polish the next step is to cut and shape your nails nicely. Start cutting the nails from the lower part and then end up in the center top of it.

 trimming nails

In order to get a perfect and smooth round shape you can do the process repetitively. Don’t cut your nails too short and keep a small part of the white tip intact. Next using a nail buffer you can buff the asymmetrical and harsh parts of the nail to get the desired shape and texture.

Rinse  And Soak The Nails

After completion of the cutting and shaping it’s time to get rid of the dirt, dust and the dead cells in your nails. Use a nail cleaner to dig out the accumulated dirt under the nails. After that rinse your nails properly under running water so that the entire dust and remover residue get washed off. Now, dip your hands in a container of warm soapy water for at least 15 minutes duration. Next, you can use a nail brush to remove the rest of the dirt if required.

Treat The Cuticles Of The Nails

As a result of soaking your cuticles will become soft. In order to make them softer and manageable first dry them and then apply any good cuticle cream.


In the next step fix the cuticles to the nail base using a cuticle stick. After managing the cuticles massage your nails and hands with a hand cream or lotion. Let the cream remain on your hands and nails for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Use Nail Polish And Nail Paint

Lastly, in order to give your nails a complete and shining look use colorful nail polish and glittering nail paints. In this process first apply a base coat on your nails. To get the effect swipe the nail polish on your nails for at least 3 times. Then let it dry out completely.

nail polish

Then, put in 2 or 3 more coats on your nails in order to heighten the effect and to get a deeper color. No doubt, the given ways for a full manicure will certainly work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go forward and try out the given full manicure home kit and showcase your wonderful hands and nails to raise the envy of all.