Ways To Get Best Makeup For Oily Skin

makeup for oily skinAre you a girl with an oily skin? If you are then have you ever gone through the nightmare of makeup smudging and dripping because of your oily skin?

We all know that wearing a long lasting makeup on oily skin is really a tough job. But the good news is that it’s not impossible if you can follow the below given tips for the best makeup for oily skin.

Best Makeup For Oily Skin

Apply Oil Free Primers

If you have an oily skin then you need to start your makeup with an oil free primer. An oil free primer does not add any extra oil to your face.


Rather it absorbs the oils and acts as a protective sheet on your face and doesn’t allow the makeup to seep through the skin pores. It offers a flawless tone to your face and develops a smooth oil free base for the application of other makeup. Hence, covers your whole face with a thin layer of oil free primer prior to foundation.

Choose Oil Free Powder Foundation or Mineral Foundation

In order to get the best oily skin makeup you need to choose an oil free powder or mineral foundation in the next step. The mineral foundation being a creamy powder like product easily combines with your skin leaving it even and oil free.

The dry particles present in it absorb only the extra moisture of the skin and thus maintain the moisture balance. You can also try out powder foundations. They soak up the extra oil and leave a smooth, matte texture.

Dust with Translucent Powder

One vital step to make your makeup long lasting is the application of powder. Matte translucent powder is ideal for this purpose as it can remove oily shines from all kinds of skin tones.

 Translucent Powder

Use the translucent powder on the shiny parts of your face if required as it is a great shine cutter. Dusting of the matte powder on your makeup will maintain it in place for long hours. In fact it will instantly absorb the extra oil if generated due to the movement in the sun.

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Try Matte Powder Based Blushes

As a next step instead of cream based blushes you must select powder based matte blushes for a lovely glow in your oily skin. Oily cream blushes often get smudged or faded as the days pass by.

Blush with Blusher

But the powder blushes discard the possibilities of smudging and fading and stay on your pretty cheeks whole day long providing them a cheerful glow. They also don’t get affected due to the extra seeping moisture or sweats.

Oil Free Eye Primer, Water Resistant Eye Liner and Lipstick

For your eyes you must try out oil free eye primer and water resistant eye liner. Eye primers protect your eye makeup from smudging. Oil free eye primers absorb the extra oil from oily lids and keep it intact all the day. On the top of the primer you can now apply water resistant eye shadow and eyeliner as they provide protection from water and sweat. To enhance the beauty of your lips you can choose waterproof non greasy lipstick to give them a polished look.

oil free eyeliner

So, hopefully with the given oily skin makeup ideas you are ready to flaunt your beauty right now. No more worry for smudging and melting! Even your oily face will glow whole day long if you follow the given tips step by step without missing any one of them.