Ways To Get Bigger Eyes

Ways To Get Bigger Eyes

Ways To Get Bigger Eyes Bigger eyes look more beautiful – this is true according to me. People love bigger eyes and it helps you to enhance your look. Bigger eyes look more attractive. Bigger eyes can even help you to please people. The best way to make your eyes look bigger is by applying less makeup and lighter colored shades.

Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Shaping Your Eye Brows

You must shape your eye brows properly to make your eyes look bigger. You can even use a beige color pencil to color your eye brows to avoid over plucking of your brows. Don’t have this misconception that thinner brows will make your eye look bigger. Remove all your stray hair. Brows help a lot to define our eyes.

Reduce Swelling

Try to reduce any swelling near your eyes. You must have a complete sleep for about 7 to 8 hours. Swelling will make your eyes look smaller. Try out methods to reduce swelling or take precautions to avoid it.

Try to Make Your Eye Lashes Look Bigger And Prominent

Try out method to make your eye lashes look elongated. You can use eye lash curler to curl your eye lashes, use mascara to define your eye lashes or even can use false eye lashes available in the market in variety of colors and sizes.

Ways To Get Bigger Eyes

Be very careful while curling your lashes with the curler. A natural method to make your eye lashes look bigger is by putting almond oil. It will help you to increase the length of your eye lashes. Apply your mascara in the upward direction for best results.

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Avoid Smoky Look

Smoky look often makes your eyes look smaller. You can use light eye liner on your wet line to make your eyes look bigger but avoid over doing because it will spoil your look and can even make you look funny. Apply your eye liner below your lower eye lash line. Avoid applying eye liner all around your eyes. You can even extend your eye liner upwards past the corner of your eyes because it will make your eyes look bigger.


You can use white eye liner and white eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes where the upper lid meets the lower lid to make your eye look bigger. Don’t go in for too harsh white shades. White will brighten your eyes. This trick is applied by most of the make up artists to make eyes look bigger.

Using two different eye shadows of the same color but different in shade will also make your eyes look bigger. While making an effort to make your eye look bigger be very careful with what techniques your apply so that you don’t end up spoiling your natural look and becoming the center of attraction for everyone. While making an effort to get bigger eyes don’t forget about your lips and cheeks. Applying perfect products will help you get the perfect look. Choose the brands according to your choice and if you are unable to get bigger eyes by your self then go in for an expert.