Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes

eyelashesMany women yearn for longer lashes. They just do not have a clear idea of how to go about it. There are a many products that promise long lashes, but most of them do not work.

Mascara is the most commonly used product to accentuate the eyelashes. Once the mascara goes, the eyelashes are back to square one. So you need to try other ways. There are herbal supplements or you can use false eyelashes as the last resort.

There are few products that enable you to get longer eyelashes. An instance of that is Latisse. This increases the growth of the eyelashes and it is approved by the FDA. Basically it has come from the medicines which are used by glaucoma patients. A chemical in that helped the eyelash to grow better. This chemical is now known as Latisse.

In case you do not appreciate using chemicals, you can try herbal products. Vitamin E stimulates hair growth. It strengthens right from the root. You have Vitamin E oil sold separately.

With the help of applicators you can apply it on your eyelashes. In four to five weeks you can see visible results.  Vitamin E supplements can also be eaten but then it just does not focus on eyelashes as its advantages are extended to whole body.

Whether you use Vitamin E or Latisse, existing lashes do not grow longer, only those that grow in the next cycle are long and strong. Influence is only on the new lashes. Since these two stimulate the eyelash follicle which makes the new lash longer.

If you need long eyelashes right away, then you need to use false lashes. You can do it yourself. The advantage is you have long lashes immediately and they can be removed when you do not want them. However it is not a permanent solution.

Eyelashes look longer when eye shadows are used. Applying the right make up accentuate the lashes. This is also a quick technique.

If you have any doubts, it is better to contact a professional. Natural way of getting long lashes takes time but it is definitely worth it.

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