Ways to save money on your wedding

save-money-on-your-weddingAs the wedding dates are finalized, you should start to work out on your budget for the wedding. Plan on who is going to pay the way to the wedding. The days are gone when the entire responsibly of the wedding budget was on the father of the bride. Now the grooms family also contributes equally or so in the budget. The couples who are well settled in life share in the expenses.

Limiting oneself on the budget doesn’t means that the wedding won’t be wonderful. There are several ways to cut down the wedding budget. List down every aspect of the wedding, from the start to the end, to find out the areas where you can cut down the expenses. With a little planning, you can have a wonderful wedding within your budget.

Plan your wedding in the off season like the middle of the winters instead of the spring, choose a weekday and keep it in the morning. This will save you the rental money in the banquet hall booking. If the weather is predictable, then you can plan for an outdoor wedding, an open space. Try for the village green or a public park and decorate it beautifully with cloths, candles etc.

Keep it a personal wedding by inviting a small number of visitors from the family and friends group.

Plan your reception at home only and go for brunch instead of a lavish dinner reception. Keep the menu simple yet at the same time lip smacking and eye pleasing. If it is a small wedding, then ask for the help of family and friends to cook up the dinner at home only.

Make some of the yourself, like the ring cushion, gown veil, bouquet, and decorations. This way you will end up saving some money.

Print your own invitations on wedding invitation paper and use the easy DTP software to design it. You can also send handmade invitations as well.

Ask your friend or your family members to take photographs, instead of hiring a professional photographer.

With regard to food, you can skip dessert by serving the wedding cake. Buy the wine and soft drinks at bulk rate instead of from the caterers. Hire some college students to serve as waiters instead of professionals.

By all these methods, you will end up with a minimum budget yet have a wonderful reception, and the involvement of friends and family.