Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair

frizzy hairFrizzy hair can be very difficult to handle and manage, where it does take a lot of taking care. People with frizzy hair generally tend to become upset regarding their hair, as they cannot style it as desired as those with silky hair, however, there are many ways through which you can tame your frizzy hair to help you get the look you want.

It is important to use the right kind of products and procedures to help handle your frizzy hair, as everybody’s hair and the cuticles must be different. Nothing works as magic and everything works in its own time. 

Best Ways To Tame Your Frizzy Hair

Some of the most effective ways to tame your hair is discussed in the following to help you deal with your frizzy hair.

Avoid Brushing Dry Hair

Avoid Brushing Dry Hair

This has been told by numerous stylists many times, but however people do not tend to follow it. It is always advised to comb your hair when it’s towel dry, to avoid creating the frizz, as otherwise it might lead to hair breakage, because the action of brushing appears to stretch the hair.

Using A Good Hair Serum

Once you have washed your hair, apply some serum on the towel dry hair to help remove the tangles from the hair. Moreover, it also helps the hair appear more shiny, along with keeping it smooth and less frizzy. Do not forget to buy a good hair serum to use it after every shower and before going out in to the sun. To make it more effective you can also mix some hair wax to it while applying.

Moisturizing The Hair

Frizzy hair as we all know is dry hair and as the day goes alone it gets even dries, therefore it is essential to moisturize it by using conditioners or natural oils.

oil massage

It is always better to use natural oils, as they are safe and gets absorbed by the hair cuticles more properly than the conditioners. Get yourself good natural oil (coconut or olive preferably) and apply it regularly.

Running A Wet Hand Through The Hair

It is essential that timely you wet your hand and run through your frizzy hair, as this will help tame your frizzy hair effectively. You should make sure to this especially on a humid day or if you are living in a place which is high in humidity. Along with this you should remember to avoid brushing your hair, as frizzy hair is dry.

Avoiding Heat

avoid heating

If you have frizzy hair, it is better that you avoid any kind of heat near your hair, especially hair straightening irons and curlers or even blow dryers to an extent, as they tend to dry out the hair even more. That is why the stylists would advise people with frizzy hair to keep a little distance or limited usage of the heat. 

Managing The Frizzy Hair

The above mentioned will definitely help tame your frizzy hair, but however it is important that you follow the procedures consistently to get the results which you have always wanted. Also, for any further queries you can always go see a stylist or a dermatologist.