Wear Black Leggings In Different Styles

A legging is an extremely versatile garment and looks incredible flattering no matter what your size or shape. As leggings fit snugly they slenderize and lengthen your legs making you look leaner.

Leggings can be worn on different tops making them extremely adaptable and multifunctional. You can team your leggings with short skirts, shorts, etc., to get various looks from casual to chic to dressy to evening elegance. Black leggings are that piece of garment you will love to have in your wardrobe.

Casual Take On Leggings

Black leggings being the all time favorite can be paired with a tunic, cardigan sweater or a long button-up top. The tops that you pair your leggings with should cover your bottom and front thighs completely.

Wearing dark colored tops will make you look slimmer and sleek. Pair them with some ballet shoes. You can even go in for a funky yet stylishly casual look by pairing your black leggings with denim skirts or shorts and ankle or calf length boots.

For a more cooler take on the black leggings team them up with a long tee and accessories with some funky neckpiece and earrings. Make the black leggings look pretty by wearing a short dress and a shrug to accessories.

Women with a slim and lean body type can opt for leggings that cut just at the calf level. This style of leggings looks great and gives some fullness to leaner legs. Having an entire dark look from black leggings to darker tops and shoes will definitely cut down on some extra weight, visually.

Make Black Leggings A Style Statement

Black leggings can give a classy and stylish look apart from being just casual wear. Team your ankle length leggings with a beautiful tunic and some stylish boots to complete the chic look. Knitted and loosely fitted tops and tunics too are a great option.

If you are more on a heavier and fuller side and love wearing chunky tops try wearing black leggings instead of pant and you are sure to loose on some quick inches. Try paring your black leggings with some animal printed tops and tunics and you will make a style statement.

Make Evening Wear Stylish

Black leggings are for evenings too but make sure you avoid wearing them to an extremely formal occasion. They are great for glitz and fun evenings. You are sure to look absolutely stunning with a one shoulder top teamed with your leggings and high stilettos.

Go in for fabrics such as satins and velvets for your evening look. Metallic colored tops which are stylishly designed will definitely make you look stunning but do not overdo the shine.

Tone down this look by wearing black or nude shoes and some nude or natural makeup keeping accessories to the bare minimum. Since leggings are more casual you need to highlight them with dressy tops for an evening look.

Things To Remember When Wearing Leggings

Remember leggings are not pants and you should avoid wearing them on short tops. Opt for longer tops or tunics that cover your bottom completely.

Leggings come is different lengths such as mid-calf, ankle lengths and full length and choosing the right length that suites you is important. Black leggings are the most versatile but you can always experiment with different colors and prints.