Weight Loss Success – 7 Slim Down Secrets

Weight Loss Success – 7 Slim Down SecretsIf you have been trying to lose your love handles for quite a while now, then you probably, know that there is more to weight loss than the simple theory of burning more than you eat.

There are some secrets to losing weight. Some of them are revealed in this article. Read to find out more about these slimming secrets.

A Combination Of Both Exercise And A Proper Diet Will Work

Remember that concentrating on any one of these is not going to help you achieve a healthy weight loss. You need to keep an eye on what you are putting in your mouth because sooner or later it is going to show up on your butt.

Therefore, depending on what works for you, combine both exercise as well as a proper food intake to achieve a healthy and sustained weight loss.

Exercise as well as a proper food intakeKeep The Portion Size Small

Eating super size portions is the reason why so many Americans are becoming super sized themselves. Keep a close eye on the portion size. More than the food you are eating, it is the amount of that food is what affects your size.

Eating super size portionsGo For A Walk

You have heard this before and here again. Walk. This is the single most easy, simple and inexpensive exercise that you can do. You can gradually increase the distance you walk, the speed with which you walk and you can even add some obstacles like walking on hills or slopes to burn more calories.

Go For A WalkRecord Your Food Intake And Your Physical Activity

Keeping a record will help you realise where you are going wrong and what you are doing right. It will help you improve your weak points and strengthen your strong points.

Record Your Food IntakeDrink Lots Of Water

This again might be repetition of what you have already heard before. However, there is no more stressing the importance of water in causing an effective weight loss. Have at least 8 glasses everyday.

Drink enough waterSlow Down When You Eat

You do not have to eat as if you were in a competition or as if you were being chased. Take your time to chew and eat properly. This will give enough time to your brain so that it realises that your stomach is full.

Slow Down When You EatThere Are No Quick Fixes

Remember that you did not gain weight overnight and in the same way, you are not going to lose it overnight. It will take time and effort to lose it and if you continue sincerely, you will achieve it.

There Are No Quick Fixes